Dynatect Internship Program

Dynatect hires about 10 paid interns per year. Full-time hours are available during the summer, and flexible part-time scheduling is available during the school year. Departments include HR, safety, quality, manufacturing, engineering, customer service, and marketing. Dynatect assigns resume-worthy projects with strong management engagement. Want to see examples? Check out our social media posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Success Story

Zach was a summer intern in 2016, hired after graduation as a Design Tech in 2017, and promoted to Design Engineer in 2019.

“I greatly enjoyed working on reverse engineering the Bus Bellows as an intern and also being on the team to design VF Doors.”

Zach’s philosophy is “Just give it a shot. Ask questions. Try new things. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Fix them. Repeat.”

Zach also developed the iLogic software pictured here.

iLogic is Autodesk Inventor’s scripting language. It enables rules-driven design, providing a simple way to capture and reuse one’s work to standardize and automate design processes and configure virtual products.

The iLogic Forms that Zach created for the various Steelflex Products allowed for swift, efficient configuration of various components/assemblies.


Some 2018 Interns

“Over the summer of 2018, I worked closely with the new product development (NPD) group to design a specialty roll-up door to address the increasing automation market.”  This was a very challenging design project, but I was still given free rein to use my creativity and knowledge in the design.  There was no one standing over my shoulder telling me what to do.  Instead, I was given advice and guidance when I needed it.  This internship experience provided me with confidence in my design skills as well as the opportunity to work cooperatively with other design engineers.  I will be departing Dynatect with skills, knowledge and experiences that I will can apply wherever I end up after I finish school.” – Danny Jacobs, Aug. 2018, NPD Design Engineer Intern.  Danny is pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“This summer, I built a configurator to automatically generate engineering drawings in Inventor.  Of the three internships I’ve had, no company has been more supportive of and committed to their interns than Dynatect.  They provided the opportunity to work on challenging projects with supportive professionals who care about my success.” Sam Sellner is studying Mechanical Engineering at UW-Milwaukee.

“During my time as a Supply Chain Intern at Dynatect, I was involved with multiple facets of the supply chain from inventory management to ERP implementation and data cleanup. The people at Dynatect truly care about the success of the interns and were great to work with!”  Nick Aho is an Industrial and Systems Engineering student at UW-Madison.

“During my first summer at Dynatect, as an engineering intern, I had the opportunity to develop a new product for Dynatect. This opportunity has allowed me to grow as an engineer and as a professional. This company is not hesitant to give their interns responsibilities, but the employees at Dynatect are more than willing to help interns with any difficulties they may face during their projects.” Max Semrow is a Mechanical Engineering Major at UW-Platteville.

Some 2017 Interns

“I created a bellows configurator which reduced quote time from days to minutes.  I also developed a methodology to standardize costing practices.  Working at Dynatect was an effortless transition because everyone is so helpful and open to assist in any way possible.  The lessons I learned this summer will benefit me greatly in my future endeavors.” Steven is pursuing Biomedical Engineering/Software Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

“I am proud to have been included in drawing and designing bellows for Hollywood companies for use in blockbuster movies.”  Evan has been pursuing Mechanical Engineering at Marquette University

“I had the opportunity to work at Dynatect for two summers, the first one focusing on lean manufacturing and the second one on quality control.  Having to develop solutions to quality issues, I worked with all departments to identify root causes and determine corrective actions.  Everyone here has been extremely willing to help me with tasks, and been instrumental to our success!” Matt has been pursuing Industrial & Systems Engineering at The Ohio State University.

“Dynatect has truly given me the tools and knowledge I was looking for and needed to be a productive member in HR. There were plenty of challenges along the way, but people are always willing to help out. I also gained many mentors who care about my success. I couldn’t have asked for more.”  Halle has been pursuing Human Resource Management at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


“Over the course of the summer, I implemented an online Safety Data Sheet program and established a process to keep the program updated.  I couldn’t be more proud of the employees I have met at Dynatect. They care about my success and the success of the company.” Blake has been pursuing Industrial Studies Management at University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Dynatect Supports Intern in Robot Competition

As part of our ongoing community engagement, Dynatect recently supported an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 2018 Student Design Competition for Robot Football. There were 50 competing teams nationally, and Dynatect co-sponsored a local Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) team resulting in a robot covered in Dynatect black and gold logos.

The MSOE team included John Sager, who was an engineering intern with Dynatect in the summer of 2017, and helped design metal slats specifically for a light-safe (laser safe) high-speed roll up door. The prototypes for this door were subsequently printed at the MSOE Rapid Prototyping Center (see picture). Last August John reflected, “Dynatect showed me what it’s like to work on a real engineering project. The team members and mentors who guided me gave me some valuable experience that I will be able to use in the future!”


For the robot competition in April, John reflected that “It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong with our robot, but we stuck it through till the end!” As a result of their teamwork and perseverance, the MSOE/Dynatect team finished in the top 10% of the competition.

Collaborative engagements like this have multiple benefits including connecting strong talent with Dynatect, developing automation expertise, and prototyping support. Last summer Dynatect helped John develop strong teamwork and engineering skills. This spring, John worked on the next project to further refine those talents for success – a great reflection of his time with us.

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