Cloth Fabric Face Masks
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In response to #COVID-19 (coronavirus), Dynatect has allocated our industrial sewing expertise to manufacturing cloth face masks.

Dynatect’s standard masks (PN0437499 is a package of 10):

  • Feature:
    • Design consistent with CDC cloth-mask guidelines
    • 2 sets of fabric straps for tying behind the head (not ear-straps)
    • 2-ply sewn construction
    • Fabric contour to fit snugly but comfortably over nose, mouth and chin
    • Can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape (appropriately contain straps)
  • Are made from premium high thread count cotton/polyester woven material
    • This material provides better filtration than traditional paper masks or low-thread-count fabric masks made from commonly available materials (scarfs, t-shirts, silk, and linen)
    • Dynatect’s initial offering includes 170 thread-count cotton percale material (while supplies last)
    • Does not conform to N95, not suitable for surgical environments
  • Are proudly manufactured in the USA; Certified:  ISO 9001:2015

Special notes:

  • Colors may vary even within a batch/order depending on premium material availability
  • Does not feature metal in the nose piece, a pocket for replaceable filter material, or pleating
  • Dynatect can process credit card orders via phone
  • Existing customers may use standard T&C invoicing terms
  • New corporate customer invoice-able accounts can be established as needed

sewn cotton cloth face mask

sewn cotton cloth face mask

Pricing and availability:

  • Minimum order quantity:  50 masks (Qty 5 of PN0437499 package of 10 masks)
  • 50-90 masks ($13/mask)        (example, 60 masks = Qty 6 of PN0437499 package of 10 masks = $780)
  • 100-490 masks ($12/mask)    (example, 200 masks = Qty 20 of PN0437499 package of 10 masks = $2,400)
  • 500+ masks ($11/mask)         (example, 500 masks = Qty 50 of PN0437499 package of 10 masks = $5,500)
  • Current Availability:  Typically ship 5 days after receipt of order, subject to previous orders.

To order, contact

Phone:  +1 (262) 786-1500  or


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Please Note (Online Purchase)

All prices shown in U.S. Dollars. Shipping within the continental US only. 3% online processing fee is included in the base price.   Dynatect collects sales tax in these 7 states: CA, IN, MI, MN, TX, WA, WI.  Customers can still place orders directly with Dynatect (phone/email) if they are tax exempt in these states, or have unique quantity/delivery needs.  Any replacements must be addressed with Dynatect directly.


Customization (Minimum Quantity 500):

  • Dynatect has 75 years of performing custom designs for sewn products.
  • Dynatect can also provide custom designs featuring:
    • Behind the ear loop masks with fixed length straps or elastic straps (due to elastic shortage, any masks with elastic may add 4+ weeks to delivery)
    • Different mask sizes (better accommodate facial hair)
    • Integral pockets for replaceable material
    • Pleated masks
  • Direct custom inquiries to factory