Fabtech 2019

Come learn how Dynatect helps make equipment run better and safer. Machine safety and protection will be the centerpiece of Dynatect’s product demos. Its products include automated machine safety doors, bellows, safety pit covers, cable carriers, and ball screws. Dynatect even offers repair and rebuild options for ball screws and way covers. Speak to experienced manufacturer sales reps about your current or future application.
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Application Notes:
A set of (2) Steelflex roll-up covers are installed over this 10m wide by 20 m long machine pit. The cover provides a walk-on surface to safely access the operator platform and help keep metal chips off of the machine’s guideways. An additional Steelflex cover protects the guideways in each of the two the weldment machining areas; these covers are installed perpendicular to the larger Steelflex covers. Dynatect has also supplied the Gortrac XL Series cable carriers in the pit and the metal-shielded bellows on the Y axis of the machine’s boring spindle.

Machine: Horizontal Boring Mill – Fives G&L FTR-3500. The FTR-3500 is a large precision machine tool that produces parts for the bulldozers, cranes, power generators, mining shovels, airplanes and oil rigs.

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