• Gortite Way Cover Bellows

    Multi-axis milling machine with Gortite way cover bellows designed for long travel

  • Gorframe Bellows

    Gorframe™ bellows of ballistic nylon provide protection on a machining tilt table with minimal space for a cover

  • Steelflex Walk-On Covers

    Steelflex® walk-on covers have been used to enhance employee safety by keeping hazardous open machine or inspection pits covered. Steelflex can be manually operated or attached to the moving machine way

  • Gordillo™ Bellows

    Gordillo™ bellows used for machine way protection

  • Modular Nylatrac® Carriers

    Modular Nylatrac® carriers provide long travel cable/hose management on 3 axis of operation on this custom pick-and-place system

  • Gortite Way Covers and Nylatrac Carriers

    Gortite way covers and Nylatrac carriers provide protection on this large vertical machining center. The milling machine, way covers, and carriers are all manufactured in the USA

  • Folded Bellows

    Folded bellows, constructed with special materials, for laser beam path applications

  • Gorplate™ Stainless Steel Covers

    Gorplate stainless steel covers protect mechanical machine components

  • Bellows, Way Covers, and Carriers

    Gortite enclosed bellows block pinch points, way cover bellows shield from grit and particles, and Nylatrac cable and hose carrier protects against corkscrewing and wear on machinery

  • Telescopic Covers, Precision Ball Screws, Gordillo Bellows and Way Wipers

    Telescopic covers, precision ball screws, Gordillo bellows and way wipers all protect this machine’s components

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