• Gortrac LRC Carrier

    Custom 91-foot long Gortrac stainless steel LRC carrier maintains cables and hoses on an oil rig platform. Dynatect supplies many custom engineered carrier systems to the oil and gas industry.

  • Gortrac XL Carrier

    Nested Gortrac steel XL carrier system used on a large machining center for the aerospace industry.

  • Nylatrac Plastic Cable Carriers

  • Steelflex Protective Covers

    Walk-on roll-up cover for vehicle inspection pit

  • Enclosed Bellows, Way Covers and Carriers

    Gortite enclosed bellows block pinch points, way cover bellows shield from grit and particles, and Nylatrac cable and hose carrier protects against corkscrewing and wear on machinery

  • Gortite Doors

    Gortite doors allow safe, easy access on the back of a lube truck

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