Metal Finishing Process Tank Cover

Are you looking for a covered tank system for your chemical or metal finishing process? Chemical process tanks include anodizing, brightening, electrocleaning, electroplating, electropolishing, etching, and pre-cleaning.

Are you losing…

  • …surface finishing chemicals to fugitive emissions?
  • productivity to manually covering chemical tanks?
  • efficiency due to heating open tanks?
  • reliability to tank covers disintegrating due to chemical exposure or misapplication?

Dynatect’s New Chemical-Resistant Roll-Up Tank Cover Design Addresses All of These Issues!

Dynatect’s Intuitive Engineering Incorporates:

  • Easy operation – manual or drill-drive option
  • Accommodates obstructions over the side
    of the tank such as piping, filling lines, or agitators
  • Roll-up cover design saves space and allows
    side-by-side tank configurations
  • Suitable for longer tanks (up to 60 feet) where
    static or bi-parting covers are not feasible
  • Higher corrosive compatible hardware

The Fluoropolymer-Enhanced PVC Shade:

  • Reduces evaporative chemical costs
  • Maintains ideal temperatures
  • Is compatible for higher corrosive applications


Features & Specifications

  • Minimum Length: 4 feet
  • Maximum Length: 60 feet
  • Maximum Width: 80 inches
  • Max Solution Temperature: 200° F
  • Canister/Rails accommodate drainage

Cover Material:

  • PVDF coated PVC
  • Note: Shade retained with buttons. Not walk-on duty.

Drive Mechanism:

  • Stainless steel drive assembly accommodates multiple mounting options
  • Operable from one end of tank, spring tensioner at far end
  • Driven extension and retraction of cover
  • Manual operation; 1 handle rotation = 1 ft of cover travel (2 handles, one to open, one to close)
  • Option: “Motorized operation” features a customized cordless drill/clutch/bit assembly



  • Extruded PVC plastic rails run the length of the tank
  • Plastic rails allows installer to cut/bore to accommodate plumbing during installation
  • Rails are shipped in 8 foot lengths and field cut to length (accommodate variations in actual tanks length/bowing/etc)
  • Rails accommodate snap and slide mounting
  • Mounting rails are just 2 inches wide, and allow side-by-side tank configurations
  • Field replaceable components

roll up chemical process tank cover

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