19 Feb 2019

Dynatect to Exhibit at Automate 2019

Trade Show

Visit booth # 8154 at #Automate to see Dynatect’s Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door alongside a comprehensive profile of industrial equipment protection.

Watch invitation video with Eric Esson, National Sales Manager.

The Automate show, possibly the broadest automation solutions event in North America, allows visitors to experience cutting-edge robots, safety technology, vision, motion control, and related technologies. Automate is held once every two years, and returns to Chicago’s McCormick Place on April 8th through 11th, 2019

Why Automated Machine Safety Doors?

⇒ Need to increase safety? 

⇒Are you using light curtains?

⇒ Is space a concern?

Dynatect’s Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door restricts access to hazardous operations while allowing the operator to stay closer to the work area, improving ergonomics and increasing productivity. Unlike light curtains, which can’t contain process hazards, this door can isolate common process driven hazards such as fluid splatter/mist, weld smoke/sparks/flash and light debris.

Use of a physical barrier with safety sensors can save up to 30 square feet of manufacturing space. Using the ANSI minimum safety distance formula, the door limits the depth penetration factor and average approach speed, allowing closer location of the safeguarding device:

ANSI Minimum Safety Distance (Ds) Calculation:
Ds = K (Ts + Tc + Tr + Tbm) + Dpf

Ds = Safety Distance
K = 63 in/sec (OSHA hand speed)
Ts = Stop Time (in milliseconds)
Tc = Response time of machine control (in milliseconds)
Tr = Response time of presence sensing device (in milliseconds)
Tbm = Additional time (in ms) to permit normal wear of brakes
before safety distance is violated
Dpf = Distance (in inches), penetration depth factor



Features & Benefits:

  • High speed: 44in/sec, VFD compatible
  • Configurable design
  • Safety options up to PLe/Cat-4 when combined with appropriate machine logic and conformance to risk assessment
  • Conforming to OSHA guardrail requirements: fabric curtain retained in columns to minimize risk of falling through the closed doors
  • Easy Installation —Simple commissioning with pre-assembled header/curtain assembly and modular support columns (1 hour typical)
  • Adaptability — T-slots on multiple surfaces allow for mounting fencing and accessories
  • Field Adjustable — Removable aluminum side covers provide access for installation, travel adjustment, preventive maintenance, and adjustment of interlocks
  • Reliability — Door mechanism moves on a maintenance-free ball bearing-based guidance system for smooth, low-wear operation. 1-year warranty

About Dynatect

Dynatect Manufacturing helps support a safer and more productive manufacturing environment. Dynatect’s portfolio includes fabric and aluminum slat roll-up doors, cable carriers, flexible protective covers and barriers that are engineered to provide protection for equipment and personnel.

Specific to the objective of enhancing safety, several products are offered: automated machine safety doors, horizontal machine door actuators, bellows and roll-up safety pit covers. Dynatect has drawn on 30 years of custom engineered solutions to develop standardized doors that are reliable and simple to integrate.