09 Sep 2020

FaithShield Health Barrier for Places of Worship


With new knowledge, tools, and behaviors, we’re beginning to see how safely gathering in larger groups could look like during this pandemic. Dynatect’s FaithShield was developed in response to places of worship that desire to implement barriers to safely increase participation. FaithShield is designed to fit the unique form factor of pews and worship spaces.

The barrier consists of a polycarbonate plastic shield that provides protection whether participants are seated or standing, enclosed within a sturdy metal frame for safety and durability. The shield mounts at about a 90-degree angle, balancing the competing contact points between persons sitting in the pew (not a headrest), or standing behind the pew (not an interference surface). Since the top of the pew is often used as an assist to transition between sitting and standing, Faithshield includes a stainless steel built-in hand bar.  All high materials are cut on precision industrial machines and assembled in New Berlin, Wisconsin, resulting in high quality and cosmetic appeal.

FaithShield mounts with low-abrasiveness plastic bracket that minimizes wear/scuffing on a pew to maximize retaining the finish. The plastic bracket is customized to the top ridge profile of the pew for maximum fit/sturdiness and minimal interference or pinch-points. It is securely mounted to the top of pews with just 2 screws (one per bracket) to minimize cosmetic impact to pews while retaining sufficient sturdiness to support the handrail. When FaithShield is removed, the pew remains in near-original condition; minimal screw holes can be covered by commercially available wood button plugs with similar finish (plugs not included). FaithShield is easily stored for any future need.

Dynatect also offers reusable cloth face coverings and barriers for other office or commercial settings (Healthgard)

faithshield worship barrier