06 Feb 2019

Dynatect’s Experience with Motion Control Applications


Question: How does Dynatect help with motion control applications?


The motion control sector encompasses the moving components of machinery. Such a large sector with diverse technology naturally poses a challenge to find specific solutions. Here’s how Dynatect helps with motion control applications. Dynatect manufactures both motion control products and dynamic protection (“DYNA-TECT”) for equipment in motion.

Dynatect provides some unique solutions that other suppliers simply do not:

Custom Ball Screw End Cap Return

Mechanical Linear Actuators: Precision Ground Ball Screws

  • Custom designs, reverse engineering, rebuild and repair service.
  • Precision with a lead accuracy of +/-0.0005″ cumulative
  • Full design flexibility – based on your application, not a catalog
  • Diameters 16mm to 150mm or 5/8” to 6”, no constraint on length (longest to date 54 feet).
  • Internal ball return designs provide smoother operation and best balance of life, load, and speed

Torque Limiting / Preventing Mechanical Overload

  • Jaw clutches and one-way clutches
  • Bi-directional mechanical and pneumatic friction slip clutches
    • Long life, over 20 million revolutions
    • Torque capacities 0.5 to up to 1000 lb-in
    • Adjustable or fixed torque, custom designs
  • Applications: Prevent mechanical overload, control torque or tension, indexing, soft/cushioned starts, friction hinges, etc.
  • Equipment: Bottle-capping, packaging, printing and labeling, valve control, winding equipment, conveyors, vending machines, index tables, etc.

Protection of Motion Systems

    • Cables/Hoses/Wire Management –
      • Dynatect is the largest North American supplier of plastic, metal, and hybrid cable carriers
      • Cable carriers (also known as cable track or cable chains) are flexible structures composed of links (like a chain) to help guide and protect cables, wires, hoses, and hydraulic lines on automated equipment and machinery.
    • Applications (protecting) –
      • Machine ways and linear actuators
      • Hydraulic cylinders, spindles, acme/lead/ball screws
      • Lift tables / scissors mechanisms / lift platforms
      • Lasers, imaging equipment, sensitive measuring equipment
    • Products:


Protective Door Drives: Safe Machine Door Actuator (SMDA)

  • For safely automating horizontal machine doors up to 1,650 lbs (750kg)
  • Integrated safety: Safe force and speed limits for horizontal doors
  • Complete system including a maintenance-free direct drive motor, compact controller and intelligent operating software.
  • Maximizes tact time with rapid opening and closing
  • Drive based on proven technology for pedestrian passages
  • TÜV certified (N-13849-1 PLD) iMotion® technology for personnel access
  • Tested Safety: Compliant with EU Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Ensures safe force and permissible kinetic energy, immediately changes direction when the door encounters an obstacle