29 Aug 2018

Phani Nagaraj – Industry Leadership in Custom Molding


Dynatect’s custom polymer molding capabilities stand out from the competition with leadership and expertise that transcends that of most molders.

Phani Nagaraj, General Manager for Dynatect’s Ro-Lab Custom Molding Division since 2014 served as Chair of the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (PMA) annual meeting in 2018.

The PMA is dedicated to the advancement of the cast polyurethane industry and had over 200 participating companies. At the May meeting, Phani provided a presentation on polyurethanes and moderated a group discussion  session addressing LEAN manufacturing.

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Dynatect’s Ro-Lab Division is a custom-molding manufacturer that specializes in the design and production of specialty or wear components. Dynatect helps both OEMs and end-users with part performance challenges such as abrasion, corrosion, and heat. Dynatect’s polyurethane and rubber offer the broadest range of solutions for any challenge. Dynatect solves customer problems with expertise in the following areas:

  • Combining two elastomers with different hardness into one molded product
  • Formulating elastomer for abrasion, cut, tear, fatigue, or rebound
  • Supporting a full variety of hardness span from sacrificial material to low-wear
  • Coloring any elastomer
  • Drawing from a reference library of 300 recipes for custom material formulation
  • Strictly controlling material composition and purity
  • Molding of exceptional sizes: thin or intricate parts, thick parts, long-length parts
  • Insert molding of metals, textiles or ceramics into rubber or polyurethane
  • Using engineered elastomers to replace wood, metal, or plastic
  • Meeting high aesthetics (including RMA-F1 standard)
  • Close tolerance molding (including RMA-A1 standard)

Learn more about Dynatect’s standard and custom molded products here: https://dynatect.com/categories/molded-elastomeric-products/