Roll-Up Tank Covers

Motor-Driven, or Manually-Operated Tank Roll-Up Covers

Roll-up tank covers are ideal for covering large tanks and can be equipped with a motor drive featuring full electric control for forward, reverse and stop functions. Dynatect has the resources to design and deliver a complete system in any width or length you require. A scroll-type take-up mechanism is also available. Shades are usually constructed of continuous stainless steel top surface with aluminum or stainless steel support ribs for large tanks. When environmental conditions prohibit the use of steel, thermoplastic designs are available.


  • Chemical, degreasing, plating, and painting tanks
  • Containment of hazardous fumes
  • Control evaporative emissions
  • Prevent contamination in tank
  • Protect personnel

Design Data

How to Request a Quote

  • Please send a sketch, drawing or model of your application along with a description, listing details such as the type of tank, contents of tank, etc.
  • Please note if the application requires dual (opposing) covers at each end, or a single cover mounted to one end.
  • Specify drive system: motor-driven or manual.
  • Provide inner and outer tank dimensions, noting largest unsupported span and tank depth.
  • Specify cover width and extended length.