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Working on a project with moving cables and hoses? Achieve more with Dynatect’s engineered carriers.

Reach out to Dynatect for early consultation on engineered solutions to assist you with the most reliable and cost-effective cable management solution. Dynatect’s complete line of plastic, metal, and hybrid cable carriers is just the start.

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Long Travel Applications

Longer travels? Challenge the status quo with Dynatect’s revolutionary long travel solutions that eliminate guide troughs: The Hybrid cable carrier and the Articulating Roller System (ARS) both offer lower cost of ownership and faster installation times than the standard gliding plastic carrier in a guide trough system.

Gortrac® Hybrid Carrier

The Hybrid carrier solution offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) than any other long travel carrier solution, requires less space and averages 50% less installation time than standard long travel systems with guide troughs.  Its unique, patented design consists of a modular plastic carrier with a metallic insert, delivering a truly revolutionary solution for long travel cable and hose management. Read more.

Gortrac® Articulating Roller System (ARS)

The ARS solution solution requires less space, averages 50% less installation time, and offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than standard long travel systems with guide troughs. The unique, patented design of the ARS Long Travel Support System adds articulating rollers that are positioned to support a standard plastic carrier and provide travels up to 300 feet without a guide trough. Read more.

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