One Way Clutch

One Way Clutch

Two types of Polyclutch® brand one-way clutches are available: the Hub-Pak and Shell-Pak


  • Freewheeling one way clutch with a maximum capacity of 12 pound inches.
  • Installation should be designed so that all extraneous loads are taken through the housing journal, not through the Hub-Pak. A knurled press fit or pin can be used to secure the cartridge to the shaft.
  • Limited to .250 dia shaft.
  • Direction of drive must be specified at time of order


  • A light duty (8 pound inch capacity), economical, fully journaled clutch, for use when axial space is at a minimum, but long life is paramount.
  • The Polyclutch Shell-Pak is a fully automatic over-running clutch that has some very interesting features.
  • It is a complete and self contained operating unit with the outer housing and cam member combined into a one piece precision shell. The inner hub and spring loaded locking rolls are assembled with the shell to complete the assembly. The fully journaled outer shell needs no additional radial bearing for normal applications.
  • Four shell configurations are offered in the Type 92 Single Shell-Paks series. Two single shells can be combined in any combination to create the Type 98 Duplex Assembly. This extremely flexible feature allows many design options.