• Steel Drag Chain Systems

    Dynatect designs and delivers cable carrier drag chain systems for managing critical hoses and cables throughout large travels in any direction. Project experience include drag chains for: Pipe Handling Systems; Pipe Rackers; Multi-purpose cranes; BOP handling equipment; Walking skid travel systems (a.k.a. “grasshopper”); Top Drive Systems Catwalk Systems

  • Cable Carriers for Vertical Top Drive Drilling

    Dynatect's Gortrac XP series cable carrier was designed for heavy-duty outdoor / oil and gas applications with suitable coatings and DROPS compliant options (some being free of screws).

  • Cable Management on BOP Pipe Handling System

    Dynatect's Nylatrac modular carrier provides cable/hose guidance on a pipe handling system.

  • Oilfield Pit Safety Cover

    Dynatect's Steelflex walk-on cover serves as a safety measure for an oilfield services vehicle pit.

  • Trip Hazard Safety Walk-On Cover

    Near this pipe handling system, a walk-on duty Steelflex provides a safety cover to prevent a trip hazard. The moving end of Steelflex cover is connected to the pipe racker, which slides along the opening in the rig floor. Workers step on the Steelflex that covers a 4-inch-wide slot.  

  • Screw Jack Cover

    Dynatect's Gortite sewn bellows enclose a screw jack at a pipe coating plant. Protective bellows block pinch points and shield from grit/particles.

  • Lube Truck Compartment Roll-Up Doors

    Dynatect's Gortite Doors offer fast, convenient access to equipment compartments.

  • Cable Carriers for Mobile Drilling Equipment

    A Calgary manufacturer of mobile drilling equipment makes machines capable of driving a 6” casing up to 800’ feet for deep water well and mine de-watering projects. Dynatect provided a cable management solution via its Gortrac series metal cable carrier. Each drill uses 4 carriers with lengths up to 25 feet.

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

    Gortrac carriers protect hoses and power cables on this horizontal directional drilling machine. This carrier has a heavy duty design for harsh environments.

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