• Bellows

    Intercar joint bellows for monorail car

  • Bellows

    Bellows for driver's seat adjustment

  • Steelflex panel

    Streetcar panel (shown) replaced with durable Steelflex® panel

  • Bellows

    Custom-manufactured intercar security screen bellows

  • Bellows

    Train bellows (diaphragms coupled)

  • Bellows

    Bellows for traction motor ventilation

  • Bellows

    Articulated train bellows (interior)

  • Slip Clutch

    A slip clutch prevents drive system damage or passenger injury in the event the screen is obstructed

  • Roll-Up Doors

    Roll-up compartment doors

  • Bellows

    Do you have a machine with moving parts and are concerned about pinch points? Gortiflex molded rubber bellows have many applications that serve as a barrier between passengers and a bus door hinge.

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