Application Examples

  • Articulated Transportation Bellows

    Dynatect manufactures intercar joint bellows for monorails and trains. Bellows are essential flexible components within articulated systems for public transport, enclosing the pivoting joint, and allowing passenger vehicles to maneuver adequately.

  • Seat Cover Bellows

    Bellows for driver's seat adjustment

  • Interior Panels

    Streetcar panel (shown) replaced with durable Steelflex® panel

  • Security Screen Intercar Bellows

    Custom-manufactured intercar security screen bellows

  • Connecting Train Car Bellows

    A national passenger railroad services uses flexible Dynatect bellows between exterior connection points.

  • Traction Motor Bellows

    Bellows for traction motor ventilation

  • Articulated Train Bellows

    This photo shows the inside view of a train car connected with articulated bellows.

  • Mechanical Safety

    A slip clutch prevents drive system damage or passenger injury in the event the screen is obstructed

  • Interior Compartment Storage

    Gortite roll-up doors are used for securing valuable items within commercial vehicles.

  • Pinch Point and Joint Proection

    Do you have equipment with moving parts and are concerned about pinch points? Gortiflex molded rubber bellows have many applications that serve as a barrier between passengers and a bus door hinge.

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