• Cable Carrier for Robotic Applications

    Dynatect’s Cable Carriers are ideal for robotic applications, especially the linear travel of a 7th axis slide / robot transfer unit (RTU). Examples of these applications are gantry robots, top loader robots, and paint robots. These robots provide mounting adaptability for a range of floor, wall, invert, angle and ceiling mounting options. Cable wear is one of the first things to cause downtime in a robotics cell and Dynatect’s application-engineered cable carriers minimize that risk.

  • Bellows for Robotics

    Dynatect bellows are ideal for robotic applications. For “people protection”, bellows help cover mechanical moving components that could otherwise create a safety pinch point. For “equipment protection”, bellows help protect the mechanical components from external incidental contact which could otherwise inhibit the function or range of motion. Beyond protection, bellows create a pleasing, finished aesthetic that re-enforces a quality brand. Dynatect offers every shape of bellows including flat, round, square, three-sided like these pictures, and every conceivable custom shape.

  • Work Cell Automated Barrier Doors

    Dynatect’s Automated Machine Safety Doors are ideal for robotic cells, part assembly, conveyor openings, palletizing, automated welding (robotic welding, laser welding), automated assembly of goods, material handling: stamping, pick & place, palletizing, machine-tending, and manipulators. Available as a fabric door, or metal slatted (for laser welding). Options include top-down or bottoms-up motion.

  • Cable Carrier for 3D Printing Applications

    When it comes to 3D printers or additive manufacturing, Dynatect has a cable carrier ideal for any size application. From small models, to full size vehicles, to printing homes with cement - Dynatect’s robust plastic cable carriers can support the needs of high-repeatability, low friction, and high speed. In addition to a wide selection of standard cable carriers, Dynatect also provides customization.

  • Overload Protection in Robotics

    Slip clutches prevent motors from experiencing mechanical overload. Polyclutch as been used in small inspection robot arms for this purpose. The clutch will slip when the mechanism is jammed, allowing motion to continue when impediment is removed.

  • Large Format Machine Roof Covers

    Dynatect’s Machine Roof Covers are ideal for large scale milling and 3D printing. Features include environmental management (dust, temperature, noise attenuation), travel up to 60 meters/minutes; and 1G acceleration

  • Cable Carrier for Long Travel and High Speed

    Hybrid and Plastic carriers come in many sizes and are suitable for many applications, especially those requiring high speeds/acceleration, and long travel distances. Select from standard snap-together designs, or fully customizable modular designs. Plastic carriers are available in both open and closed link styles.

  • Slip Clutches for Bottle Capping

    Adjustable slip clutches control the precise amount of torque to tighten bottle caps without wear or breakage in this capping line application. All the slippage is in the clutch, with no appreciable wear.

  • Cable Carriers for Automated Applications

    Dynatect is the largest North American manufacturer of both plastic, metal, and hybrid cable carrier. This allows the balance of price, speed, length, and environment for the ideal solution, not limited to a catalog offering. Dynatect’s variety of construction and materials selection address many specialty applications including high-temperature, long travel, abrasives, heavy chip load, or separating specialty wire/hoses. Pictured here is a dual installation of Dynatect’s modular plastic cable carriers, custom widths, vertically mounted, and window extenders to accommodate the high-number of hoses.

  • Bellows for Automated Applications

    Dynatect is the only manufacturer to offer 12 different construction methods for bellows to meet any process automation needs. This includes construction and materials selection to address many specialty applications including food-grade materials, high-temperature, anti-microbial, high lateral shear, wash-down, pressure/vacuum changes, and meeting UL burn standards. Pictured here is a framed bellows applied to a high impact velocity quench (metal processing heat transfer). This bellows features wire re-enforcement which provides predictable travel path, maintaining form under pressure, favorable extended/retracted ratio, and long life.

  • Slip Clutches for Conveyors

    Polyclutch slip clutches offer an added level of safety and protection to both the machine and its operators. Pneumatic (Slip-Aire) clutches can have tension adjusted during operation.

  • Cable Carrier for Unit Load Formation Equipment

    Dynatect’s cable/hose carrier solutions are idea for load containment processes like palletizers, stretch wrappers, and strapping systems. Pictured is a Wulftec high-throughput automatic strapping machine featuring Dynatect’s plastic cable carrier cable carrier which supports high-speed, vertical mounting, durability, and is self-supporting.

  • Constant Torque/Tension for Printing and Labeling

    A slip clutch acts as a continuous drag brake to meet specific torque requirements for an unwind/rewind system application in bar code printers. Polyclutch slip clutches add just the right amount of tension to any reel or spool without having to worry about the tension varying over time or wearing out prematurely. Other applications apply constant tension to film, wire, thread, paper, or any web-handling application.

  • Cable/Wire Management for Pick-and-Place Tech

    Dynatect offers cable carrier for robotic pick-and-place (P&P) technology. Ideal applications include placing surface-mount devices (SMDs) like microchips and other semiconductors onto printed circuit boards (PCB). Dynatect’s robust plastic cable carriers can support the needs of low friction, high speed, and high-repeatability.

Quick Overview

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Special considerations include:

  • Functionality (acceleration, speed, long travel, loading, watertight, aesthetics, ergonomics)
  • Hazard protection (mechanical, electrical, electrostatic, thermal, noise, vibration, radiation, obstacle detection)
  • Pinch points (US OSHA standard number 1910.219)
  • Risk/safety compliance (Ple/Cat-4, SILCL3 per EN62061 and EN/ISO 3849, ANSI B11.19 1990 E4. )
  • Welding applications compliance (ISO 25980, EN 1598, AWS F2.3, form FDA 3632 laser classes)
  • Force and permissible kinetic energy compliance (EN 12453 and EN 14120)
  • Exposure limits (OSHA 29CFR 1910.132, ACGIH)

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