• Doors For Fire Trucks

    Swing out doors are insufficient for unobstructed access to lifesaving equipment on a fire truck. There is no room for doors that fight each other to fully open or provide a surface for equipment to snag or tear. Roll up doors are continuously displacing traditional swing-out doors. Dynatect is the largest supplier of roll up doors and is the default standard for OEMs nationwide.

  • Doors For Emergency Vehicles

    Other mission critical vehicles like military tactical, airport snow-removal plows, airport recovery vehicles, and wreckers trucks also benefit from the security and unobstructed access provided by roll up doors

  • Doors for Wreckers & Tow Trucks

    Much salvage work occurs while traffic flows around the vehicle. Tow truck and wrecker operators often need to open hinged doors to reach vital equipment, which puts them at greater risk from passing traffic. To mitigate this danger, many manufacturers of work trucks choose to replace swing doors with roll-up doors, ensuring that operators and their equipment remain as close to the vehicle as feasible.

  • Perfect Fit Doors

    Firetrucks and work truck compartment sizes often vary significantly. Dynatect provides custom roll up doors to the exact specification of the truck design. Dynatect can be the single source for fit / form / function. Choose from several one-piece side rail options, drip rails, and sill plates.

  • Easy Installation Doors

    Dynatect’s doors use standardized parts that are configured for the specific installation and can be installed quickly for consistent, reliable field operation. Optional mounting holes predrilled free of charge. Checkout our installation video.

  • Configure Door Designs 24/7

    No longer wait for 3D CAD door models! Dynatect offers online model generation directly. Once the door is designed/downloaded, we’ve included an easy button to request a quote directly associated with that design. Supporting faster engineering and procurement processes.

  • Doors That Enhance Brand

    Emergency vehicles are a large investment for any municipality or institution. It is important for the doors to reflect the high-quality of the whole vehicle and branding. That’s why Dynatect standardizes on “parade quality finish”. Dynatect’s doors feature a smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish. We also offer automotive-grade custom paint finishes to precisely match your vehicle with a 5-year warranty from peeling or blistering. Either finish complies with automotive grade UV stability and supports the addition of brand/logos with excellent decal adhesion.

  • Doors That Protect Cargo

    Dynatect roll up doors feature slats with double-sided aluminum extrusions which are tamper resistant. Recognizing that cargo sometimes shifts, Dynatect’s slats are also concave on the inside to prevent cargo hang-ups that prevent door opening. The “G-Rib” design also has a polyurethane seal that rests up against the following rib creating a weather-tight seal when the door is closed. Security options include door locks, power door, and motorized door openers.

  • Lightweight Doors

    Energy efficiency is an increasing trend by municipalities who have zero net carbon emissions goals for their fleets. Dynatect’s aluminum slats are formed hollow core, with the industry’s thinnest walls resulting in the lowest weight-to-rigidity ratio. This reduced weight has the added benefit of providing more fuel efficiency and more reliable EV range.

  • Easier Access Doors

    Dynatect’s doors feature a stainless-steel lift bar specifically designed for easy use by operators who may be wearing gloves. Dynatect’s spring roller technology includes calibrated tension that ergonomically balance the door for least effort opening and closing force. Tall doors can optionally include a pull strap to accommodate closing while the operator is standing on the ground, regardless of truck height.

  • Walk-On Hose Bed Covers

    Move beyond tarps that are difficult to secure and insufficient to protect with metal roll-up hose bed covers. These are NFPA compliant walk-on surfaces made from stainless steel and reinforced with aluminum extrusions to support 250 lbs. per 24-inch section. The metal covers easily retract into a scroll take-up and does not need to be motorized.

  • Cable Carriers for Telescopic Sections

    Aerial platforms and aerial ladders all have sections that extend and need to manage cables and hoses that provide electricity, water, and oxygen. The conduits for these life-saving elements need to function in high heat, cold, wet, and ice conditions – so reliable cable/hose management is critical. Dynatect is the #1 global provider of metal cable carrier for mission critical aerial work platforms used in construction used on the most demanding booms extending over 200 feet. Dynatect has both metal and plastic options for similar fire-truck applications.

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