• Machine Tool Cable Carrier

    Industrial operations are increasingly requiring longer and faster machines, resulting in higher demands on cable management solutions. Dynatect the market leader in cable carriers including offering both plastic and metal, having the longest cable carrier tester in North America and offering the markets first hybrid cable carrier combining the best attributes of metal and plastic for long travel applications. Checkout these video examples!

  • CNC Router Cable Carriers and Bellows

    CNC routers have fast-moving components that require cable-management and surfaces that require protection from process-generated debris and dust. Dynatect’s cable carrier and protective bellows product adds longevity, protection, and operator safety. Dynatect’s Nylatube KLE series is a medium-sized plastic carrier that’s excellent for machine tool, heavy-duty and long travel applications. For covering linear rails and ways, Dynatect’s heat-sealed bellows are an idea choice to keep away light abrasives and particles from where they should not be. Dynatect is a trusted supplier of equipment protection and motion control to thousands of OEMs and end users.

  • Machine Tool Doors

    Work cells and machining centers often require specialized doors that allow intermittent access but remain closed during dangerous operations. Dynatect makes a wide variety of machine tool doors including slatted metal, continuous metal, fabric, and combinations. This includes mixing technology to secure high speed safety doors, and laser protection doors, and 3D coverage of machine roof covers and fabric roll up doors. Checkout these video examples!

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  • Machine Tool Pit Covers

    Large machine tools such as planer mills often are installed partially below floor level, resulting in potentially hazardous pits. Often, workers must remove pit grates or slats to service the machine. Dynatect’s metal roll-up walk-on covers offer an alternative. Typically made of reinforced stainless steel, these covers allow partial pit access while preventing falls at other times or into other pit areas. Dynatect also offers motorized versions. Checkout these video examples!

  • Machine Roof Covers

    Large CNC machining centers require special effort to minimize the impact of dust and sound on surrounding work areas while still allowing access for loading and unloading large workpieces and tooling. Dynatect’s Machine retractable roof covers were developed to contain debris and airborne contamination. These covers are available with a standard fold or inverted fold elimination interference or obstructions in the machining center’s travel. They can travel up to 60 meters/minute and are capable of over 1G acceleration. The roof cover can also be combined with a vertical door to enclose a work cell that requires overhead crane access. Checkout these video examples!

  • Machine Door Actuators Retrofits

    Owners of machining centers with manually operated doors are retrofitting their doors with automation to reduce tact time and reduce operator repetitive stress. Dynatect’s Servax brand automatic door actuators, reverse automatically when objects are detected in their path, are available for retrofitting to existing automatic machining centers with single or double doors, and are rated for all relevant safety standards. Sometimes these kits are also added when robot tending is added to a machining center. Checkout these video examples!

  • Machine Tool Way Covers

    Machine tool way covers are critical protection devices to cover pinch points and keep process generated debris from contaminating the ball screws and machine rails. For over 75 years, Dynatect has offered the widest variety of machine way covers to address escalating needs including fabric bellows, industrial fabric roll-ups, aluminum roll-ups, plated bellows, steel roll-ups, and steel telescopic covers. Dynatect’s Gorplate sliding plates on proprietary hinges results in the lowest profile steel way cover available. Dynatect provides both new OEM and replacement way covers for any machine make & model and repairs damaged covers. Checkout these video examples!

  • Machining Center Weld Curtains

    Weld curtains separate people from the sparks, smokes and flash associated with any welding operation. Dynatect’s weld curtains are uniquely designed for dynamic protection with a focus on being movable and configurable. The Dynatect Modular Weld Screens feature wheels for relocation and can be connected together to surround a cell. The Dynatect Portable Weld Screens are quick to setup and quick to collapse for transporting or storage. Checkout these video examples!

  • Machine Tool Ball Screws

    Precision ground ball screws are the prime mover in many machine tool applications. When paired with the correct ballnut they feature high accuracy, high repeatability, and low backlash. Dynatect’s LSI precision ground ball screws provide a lead accuracy of +/-0.0005", diameters up to 6”, and lengths up to 67 feet. Dynatect also has three different style of ball return design including button, end cap, and tube – each extensively tested. Dynatect offers engineering, reverse engineering, repair, and new ball screws. Checkout these video examples!

  • Machine Tool Bellows

    Bellow protect everything on machine tools from spindles and screws, to rails and ways, to lasers, to air handling. Dynatect Manufacturing Inc has 15 different bellows construction capabilities including sewn, vulcanized, folded, dipped, injection molded, extruded, 3D printed, high frequency sealed, plated, hot air sealed, framed, hot wedge sealed, sewn-folded, compression molded. Combined with hundreds of elastomers, plastics and fabrics, Dynatect has the largest bellows portfolio to solve any challenge. This bellows video shows some of those capabilities.

Protecting Precision Machine Tools

Protecting Motion Components with Dynatect’s Way Covers

In machine tools, moving parts must be shielded from work processes while still maintaining unobstructed motion. However, static protective enclosures are often not feasible due to the close proximity of these parts.

Replacing vital components such as precision ball screws or ways can be costly, exceeding the expense of adding replaceable protective guards. That’s why you may be looking for a protective cover, and Dynatect has been producing flexible and dynamic covers for machine tool makers and users for over 75 years.

Custom Barrier Door

This custom roll-up barrier door is used for industrial machine protection and safety. This project was for a machine retrofit to prevent falls and operator access during operation.

  • Dynatect supplied an Alumaflex roll-up cover, six-spring custom take-up roller, 1.5HP 460V 3-phase braked gearmotor, limit switches, and fabricated door frame.
  • The door travel was ~ 6 inches/second.
  • The safety barrier was supplied in widths of 255.5 and 58 inches.
  • The door travel is 42 inches.

Brochure – Machine Roll-Ups (PDF)

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