Ro-Lab History

Dynatect Ro-Lab occupies a unique position in the rubber industry as a relatively new company with a long history. In operation since 1992, the new company was formed by the merging of Ro-Lab Rubber Co. Inc., a custom mixing and molding company specializing in engineered polymers since 1978, with American Rubber Co. Inc., a volume manufacturer of conveyor belting and custom hose since 1906. This partnership joins advanced research and development with manufacturing experience and processes refined for more than a century.

Ro-Lab American Rubber Co. started as a testing and consulting business to the tire industry and quickly moved into custom mixing and molding of rubber products utilizing large capacity presses. The company soon saw the need for more specialized engineered materials; hence the company expanded into hot cast thermoset polyurethanes. By joining technologies, Ro-Lab became experts in close tolerance compression molded urethanes.

The American Rubber Co. Inc. side of the business (merged with Ro-Lab in 1992) predates most companies. Soon after starting the business in San Francisco in 1906, American Rubber moved to Emeryville, Ca and was a pioneer in manufacturing fire hose that was sold all over the United States. Custom designed hose for agriculture, industry and the military became a specialty. Additionally the company developed and sold conveyor belting for the mining and aggregate business for both domestic and international markets.

In 2012, Dynatect Manufacturing (formerly A&A Manufacturing)) acquired Ro-Lab American Rubber Co. in Tracy, California and is known today as Dynatect Ro-Lab

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