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Dynatect Way Cover Repair is for All Types of Damaged Covers – Replacing metal way covers can be costly and is often unnecessary.  We can repair your damaged cover to OEM specs or better, faster than you can replace them with new – at a fraction of the cost. Our repair service is for telescopic and roll-up style covers, as well as multi-axis shields. Click on “Request Repair” to get started, or download the Repair Request form.

Telescopic Way Cover Repair: Available in Two Locations – Dynatect’s telescopic repair centers are located in New Berlin, Wisconsin and Tracy, California. Read more below (Repair Locations tab)


Why Dynatect Repair Service?

  • Complete repair, reverse engineering, design and fabrication services available.
  • Single source supplier for all your repair needs
  • Prompt, accurate quotations
  • Expert analysis and diagnosis of chronic failures
  • Technicians with over 20 years production and repair experience
  • All covers are tested before shipment
  • Expedited service available
  • Large inventory of replacement parts

Telescopic covers for domestic and imported machines reworked to like-new condition:

  • Repair Damaged Sections
  • Replace Riders or Rollers
  • Install New Wipers
  • Replace Brass Wear Strips
  • Clean and Sand to smooth Finish

Reverse Engineering

If your telescopic way covers are damaged beyond repair, Dynatect can conduct a fee-based design review to assess the damaged cover and generate engineering drawings. Our design team has the knowledge and experience to conduct a formal design review to evaluate alternative solutions or incorporate additional features to better fit your application.


Check out our evaluation & repair process with this helpful video.

Repair Locations

When you contact us for a repair, we will work with you to assess the most cost-effective shipping location based on logistics, type of cover, and the scope of repair work.

  • Our repair service is for all brands of covers.
  • Send photos of the cover in advance so we can assess the repair work.
  • General telescopic cover repairs can be performed in California or Wisconsin.
  • Telescopic way covers needing sections replaced will be routed to Wisconsin.
  • Telescopic covers that appear to be damaged beyond repair will have a replacement option quoted.
  • Multi-Axis shields, Roll-up style covers, and Steelflex® will be repaired in Wisconsin.


Dynatect Repair Facilities:

Wisconsin California
Dynatect Mfg
2300 S Calhoun Rd
New Berlin, WI 53151
Dynatect Ro-Lab
8830 W Linne Rd
Tracy, CA 95304

Types of Covers Repaired

What Dynatect can Repair:

  • Shade Rollers / Fabric Roll-Ups: Typically consists of shade replacement and cleaning up metal hardware/canister. Wiper or brush may need to be replaced. May need new take-up roller.
  • Metal Roll-Up Way Covers
  • Telescopic Steel Covers
  • Metal sliding-plate covers
  • XY/Multi-axis/Face Shields

Bellows type way covers cannot be repaired but you can send them to us for a replacement quote.


Do you have a roll-up cover that needs to be replaced? Repair might be an option. Get in touch with us.

Example Repair – Before:

shade roll-up cover repair service

Example Repair – After:

shade roll-up cover repair service

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