Application Examples

  • Respiratory Device Bellows

    A leading innovator in respiratory/ventilator training devices uses Dynatect's seamless Gortiflex® bellows for observing air flow. The bellows style test lung provides more linear and predictable respiratory simulation than a bladder style test lung.

  • Ventilator Bellows

    A stand-alone large animal ventilator incorporates a Gortiflex® bellows to replace the reservoir bag on an anesthesia machine and deliver anesthetic gases during surgery.

  • Medical Handcart Liftgard Enclosure

    Scissor lift covers are essential for safety, OSHA compliance, and protecting lift mechanisms. They block access to moving parts, enhancing safety in busy environments and helping businesses meet regulations. Dynatect's Liftgard covers shield lift mechanisms from dust, debris, and moisture, preserving safety and functionality.

  • Medical Imaging Bellows

    A Vulca-Seal® bellows is used to enclose the vertical adjustment mechanism on a mammography imaging system. The bellows both covers pinch points and conceals mechanical parts.

  • Torque Control for Dental Instruments

    Dynatect's Polyclutch® Slipper clutch provides precision torque control during the manufacturing of dental implants. In case of jamming, slip clutches will prevent subsequent motor stalling, electrical overload, stripped gears and component burnout.

  • CT Scanner Cable Management

    Dynatect’s Gortrac® cable carrier systems move the cable and hose package of a CT scanner along ceiling rails that enable passage between rooms. This innovative system enables scanning without moving the patient during critical operations. The carrier systems over 20 feet long and the links are outfitted with a gliding system for the ceiling rail. Additionally, Gortite® hose sleeves encase the hoses within the carrier.

  • Retention Hinge for Surgical Device

    In this application, a Polyclutch® Slip-Ease clutch is used as a retention hinge on the mounting platform of a surgical device.

  • Dental Milling Machine Bellows

    Dynatect's Vulca-Seal bellows protects the tool changer from dust and water in a grinding chamber that mills dental crowns and veneers.

  • MRI/CT Rail Covers

    Sometimes an MRI bed moves along the floor on rails. Dynatect has two styles of retractable, metal roll-up covers to protect these rails: Alumaflex™ and Steelflex®

  • Positioning Table Bellows

    Bellows are used to enclose the base of this medical imaging positioning table. The bellows conceals mechanical pinch points and keeps dust out. For regular cleaning, Dynatect's bellows can be made with antimicrobial and wash-down materials.

Dynatect & the Medical Industry

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