• Vulca-Seal Bellows

    Dynatect supplies functional and aesthetic bellows for concealing mechanical parts and covering pinch points. In this application, a Vulca-Seal® bellows covers the vertical adjustment mechanism on a mammography system.

  • Polyclutch

    The Polyclutch Slipper provides precision torque control during the manufacturing of dental implants.

  • Gortrac Cable & Hose Carriers

    Dynatect-supplied carrier systems move the cable and hose package of a CT scanner along ceiling rails that enable passage between rooms. This innovative system enables scanning without moving the patient during critical operations. The carrier systems are 22 to 25 feet long and the links are outfitted with a gliding system for the ceiling rail. Additionally, Gortite hose sleeves encase the hoses within the carrier.

  • Polyclutch Slip-Ease

    In this medical application, the Polyclutch Slip-Ease is used as a retention hinge on the mounting platform of a surgical device.

  • Gortiflex Bellows

    A stand-alone large animal ventilator incorporates a Gortiflex® bellows to replace the reservoir bag on an anesthesia machine and deliver anesthetic gases during surgery.

  • Vulca-Seal Bellows

    A Vulca-Seal bellows protects the tool changer from dust and water in a grinding chamber that mills dental crowns and veneers.

  • Gortiflex Molded Bellows

    A leading innovator in breathing simulation uses seamless Gortiflex molded bellows on an adjustable patient ventilator. Wire-reinforced convolutions support consistent air flow.

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