• Coil Car Safety Pit Cover

    Dynatect provided a Steelflex® walk-on duty roll-up cover for a coil car that operates in a 22"x270" pit. Coil cars are industrial vehicles that move heavy metal coils and can be in pits, posing fall or trip hazards. Safety measures are essential in metal processing plants to reduce risks linked to open pits.

  • Ball Screws & Ball Screw Covers for Swaging Operations

    This heavy-duty gripper holds metal bars going through a reduction process supplying rotation for even heating and feeding. This includes ball screws for precise motion, covered by aluminized Kevlar bellows for protection from heat and debris, and the cables are managed with a metal cable carrier. Photo is courtesy of MCI – Machine Concepts Inc.

  • Aluminum Mill Safety Pit Cover

    This aluminum mill has a 26-foot-long by 40-inch-wide floor opening, which poses a fall hazard if not covered. As the casting car moves in either direction, a Steelflex roll-up cover allows the area to remain covered.

  • Aluminum Scalper Way Protection

    Dynatect supplied a set of steel telescopic covers for an aluminum scalper machine, each having the capability to extend up to approximately 47 feet of travel. Scalping machines play a crucial role in removing surface impurities from aluminum ingots by shaving the surface to attain uniformity. Each way cover features dimensions approximately 8 feet in width and stands over 20 inches tall at its largest section. Dynatect excels in creating specially engineered solutions to tackle projects that are previously uncharted or particularly challenging.

  • Coil Cart Lift Cover

    These coil carts feature an adjustable vertical lift table for matching the pass line height, high precision straighteners, and other applications. The lift tables are protected by Dynatect’s Liftgard® to improve operator safety around pinch points and keep out process driven hazards. Photos are courtesy of MCI – Machine Concepts Inc.

  • Coil Processing Pit Cover

    A steel pipe supplier required a pit cover in their coil processing operation. They didn’t have enough room on the bottom to mount the canister, so Dynatect designed the cover to ride down the wall vertically and then take a 90 degree turn. Dynatect's Steelflex cover allows the machine pit to remain covered and protected.

  • Replace Floor Plates with Roll-Ups

    Do you have large open pits or exposed machine ways? Railing guards may get in the way, and floor grates may be inconvenient or difficult to move and create trip hazards. With a roll-up design that’s easily opened and closed, operators need not struggle with manually lifting and adjusting panels. Walk-on roll-up covers create a continuous, protective, and walkable surface that makes maintenance easy. A roll-up, walk-on duty Steelflex® cover can cover a wide span and long distance, rolled up using an air-motor or into a scroll.

Planer Mill Pit Cover Application

Large machine tools such as planer mills often are installed partially below floor level, resulting in potentially hazardous pits. Workers must remove pit grates or slats to service the machine. Here, metal roll-up, walk-on covers offer an alternative. Typically made of reinforced stainless steel, these covers allow partial pit access while preventing falls at other times or into other pit areas.

Case in point: One aircraft manufacturer uses large fiber placement machines to build fuselages from composites. Adjustable tailstocks of the two-station machine travel on guideways located in a pit below floor level. Production workers must access workpieces as they’re produced, necessitating pit covers during production, yet also requiring a way to remove the covers for repairs and adjustments. Grating is time-consuming to move, and slats require complex support structures that complicate maintenance tasks. Instead, the aircraft manufacturer uses rugged walk-on metal pit covers with extruded aluminum stiffening ribs bonded to stainless steel sheets; there are no hinges to collect debris. These roll up onto steel rollers equipped with take-up mechanisms.

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