Telaflex® Telescopic Way Covers

Telescopic covers are ideal for any machine tool application requiring complete protection of machine ways and ball screws. Telescopic way covers protect against dropped tools, heavy chip loads, cutting, oils, and coolants.

Cover Shapes


Telescopic Cover Shapes and Profiles:

  • Flat (common) – orientation can be horizontal, vertical, cross-rail, or dual axis.
  • Peaked or Slanted (to deflect coolant)
  • See below for additional shapes and orientations:

Design Features

  • Top section tread plate or tool tray available
  • Section material 18 ga. through 1/4″ cold rolled steel (stainless steel option available)
  • Way extensions can be provided if necessary                     
  • Standard oiled finished (bright buffed option available)
  • Durable wiper options for wet or dry operation
  • Options include: nylon or brass guides, bearing rollers, lift lugs            


Dynatect manufactures the largest Telescopic metal covers for machine tools and other automated machines. Check out this video of our most recent large cover spanning 18 ft (5.4M) wide and extendable to 64 ft (19.5M). It weighs over 18,000 lbs (8,165 kg) but remains smooth enough to be manually operated in 17 continuous sections. This is used on machinery used to tool castings for large electric generators.


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