Ball Screw Repair, Rebuild & Replacement

At Dynatect LSI, we have been a ball screws manufacturer for over 30 years, and we’ve also been repairing and rebuilding precision ball screws ever since. We’ve seen just about every type of screw, in every condition.

We can repair or rebuild your ball screw to save you money and extend the life of your screw before a costly replacement becomes necessary.

We offer the most competitive lead times in the industry and the highest quality. Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Most standard repairs are turned around in 5 days. Expedited repairs are typically 48 hours and have been as short as 12 hours.

In addition to quick turnaround times, we offer engineering assistance to correct any problems you might be experiencing with your ball screw application.


Above is a video demonstrating Dynatect’s ball screw evaluation and repair process!

Need to get back up and running in a hurry? Please call ahead (800-298-2066) to make arrangements for emergency or expedited repair service.

Damaged Beyond Repair? If your ball screw is damaged beyond repair, we can manufacture a new one from prints or by reverse engineering.

No Prints? Our team of engineers can reverse engineer your ball screw assembly to meet your exact specifications.

Repair for (almost) Any Brand: 

  • Acme Screw or Lead Screws — We can repair them or replace them with a ball screw design.
  • Ball screws from any machine tool — no matter what make or model.
  • We have experience with the following brands: Mazak, Okuma, Mori Seiki, Haas, K&T, Bullard, G&L, Cincinnati, Leblond, Fellows/J&L, Devlieg, AM Broach, Clausing, Gilman, Heald, Kasper, Shoda, Kitamura, Lodge & Shipley, and Werth.
  • Note: We don’t repair Star Linear SEM units with Adjustable Preload.

Multiple locations mean less time in transit. We have two repair facilities to support your ball screw repairs: Traverse City, Michigan and Tracy, California.

Types of Repair

Warranty Reload (Restored to “Like New” Condition)

  • The ball screw assembly cleaned and evaluated.
  • Visual and physical inspections of the unit are performed to determine if unit is re-loadable.
  • The unit is reloaded with new balls, tested, and inspected to ensure the unit is repaired to “like-new” operating characteristics.
  • Particular attention is paid to: Smoothness of operation, minimization of backlash, and minimization of dead-band condition.
  • Bearing journals, locknut threads, or keyways will be repaired upon customer request.
  • One year warranty
  • (Previously known as “Level 1 Reload”

Temporary Reload (No Warranty)

  • The ball screw assembly cleaned and evaluated.
  • Visual and physical inspections of the unit are performed to determine if unit is re-loadable.
  • The unit is reloaded with new balls, tested, and inspected.
  • “Like-new” characteristics cannot be entirely achieved.
  • No warranty
  • Previously known as “Level 2 Reload”

Regrind Screw & New Ball Nut

  • If after a thorough evaluation, it is found that the ball screw cannot be reloaded due to pitting, brinneling, and/or damage to interior or exterior of unit; then the unit could be refurbished by manufacturing a new ball nut and regrinding the existing screw to remove pitting and taper
  • One year warranty.

Shipping Instructions

1. Call ahead for an RMA number:

  • Toll Free (800) 298-2066
    Request if you seek an RA for the California or Michigan location and your call will be transferred appropriately.
    Let us know if this a rush repair

2. Please include a packing slip with:

  • Your RA #, name, company, address, and phone #
  • Any information that would be helpful in identifying your machine, such as machine name, part number, model or model number, & axis

3. Please ship all items “pre-paid”

  • The evaluation is free, however all freight costs are the responsibility of the customer. No freight collect items will be accepted without prior approval

4. Please review our Evaluation Policy


Shipping Address for Ball Screw Repair Facilities

► Typically for East of Rocky Mountains:

Dynatect Lead Screws International, Inc
2101 Precision Drive
Traverse City, MI 49686-9239

► Typically for West of Rocky Mountains:

Dynatect Ro-Lab
8830 W Linne Rd
Tracy, CA 95304-9109

Evaluation Policy

Dynatect is proud to put its years of ball screw experience to work for you. At no charge we will gladly:

► Receive your ball screw assembly (screw and nut only)

► Put it through a multi-step cleaning and evaluation process

► Provide you with a report on the condition of the assembly

► Provide you with a quote to repair the current assembly, and/or provide a quote for a fully warrantied new assembly

Please contact sales prior to shipping in any units that will require disassembly of other components that are unrelated to the ball screw/nut assembly. You may accrue a disassembly fee if the repair department has to disassemble components (i.e. bearings, housings, lock nuts, gears, keys, etc…) that need to be removed prior to the cleaning and evaluation phase. Dynatect reserves the right to charge a disassembly fee before beginning.  Once the disassembly fee has been received, we will proceed with your free evaluation of the ball screw assembly.  The additional components will be shipped back to you disassembled from the ball screw assembly.

Additionally, Dynatect reserves the right to refuse the free evaluation to customers who have previously not responded to quotes for repair or replacement. If we do not receive a response within 30 days of our evaluation & quote, the ball screw assembly will be shipped back unassembled, and freight cost will be the responsibility of the customer.

If a replacement ball screw assembly is ordered, the original ball screw assembly will be shipped back when the replacement unit is shipped from our facility.

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