Key Benefits

  • Secure and Convenient Access to Storage

    For 20 years, Dynatect has provided over 110,000 vehicle roll up doors for delivery vehicles, work trucks, trailers, semi trucks, and emergency vehicles.

  • Easy Installation

    Dynatect has revolutionized the installation of roll up doors that reduces installation time, labor, and cost. Dynatect now offers a bolt-in installation designs that include the rails, slatted doors, and just four vehicle connection points. This design can support under one-minute installation in high-volume OEM environments and allows for field/depot replacement with minimal time/ tools required.

  • Perfect Fit

    Dynatect can be the single source for fit / form / function. Dynatect offers customizations including curved rails and roller positions that provide contoured fit with existing designs. Dynatect also provides the doors as individual parts or as an assembled drop-in assembly (door and frame pre-assembled). Additional Dynatect options include a custom beauty-cover to close exterior gaps, and fascia caps to cover external mounting locations.

  • Easy Retrofit

    Dynatect has standard and custom offerings, including options to replace swing-out doors with prepackaged roll-up door assemblies.

  • Premium Appearance & Brand Appeal

    Dynatect’s doors feature a smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish. Automotive-grade paint finish also available. Either finish complies with automotive grade UV stability and supports the addition of brand/logos with excellent decal adhesion.

  • Reduce Cargo Damage

    Traditional “garage doors” with rails that run the length of the ceiling bring the snow and rain directly into the cargo area to drip onto cargo and operators. In contrast, Dynatect’s water management features include tugged, double-walled slat construction with weather sealing between each slat, bottom door seals and a roller canister that captures the entire door in a confined area (drip pan also available).

  • Protect Your Cargo

    Dynatect RUD features slats with double-sided aluminum extrusions which are tamper resistant. The ideal balance of minimizing weight, while maximizing durability and security. Door locks are standard for delivery vehicles, power door locks are optional.

  • Reliable Operation

    Dynatect’s Roll Up doors meet common vehicle requirements including: minimal opening/closing force, no deformation when open or closed at high velocities, maintain function at high static and dynamic loads, no buzz/squeak/rattle (BSRs) under normal operating conditions, no grinding noise when opening or closing door, and repeatability tested over 250k duty cycles.

  • Easy Interior Door Access

    Dynatect offers an exclusive interior handle design that provides for simultaneous unlatching and lifting the door form inside a delivery vehicle. For manually operated doors that utilize an exterior handlebar, the interior bar and release strap (patent pending) allows for a single door opening motion that improves operator efficiency.

  • Maximize Cargo Space

    Dynatect’s small slat height allows the door to be fully contained in a small rolled up space, consuming minimal overhead while maximizing opening height, operator room and cargo space. Traditional “garage doors”, with rails that run the length of the ceiling, create interference for operators and tall cargo.

  • Optimize Access Locations

    Dynatect supports both rear roll up doors and side roll up doors that speed loading and unloading. Any doors can be manual or powered. Confidently create the access where it is needed.

  • Accommodate Loading Docks

    For delivery vehicles that may have mixed destinations, including loading docks, traditional swing-out doors create challenges.
    The driver must back up near a dock, then open the swing-out doors, then back up to the dock (without damaging the doors) – and all the same steps before leaving.
    In contrast, roll up doors eliminate multiple stops/starts and the vehicle can be backed up once to the dock with full usability to open and close the door. Additionally, any incidental impact from backing up is absorbed by the bumper rather than a swing-out door.

  • Automation Available

    Dynatect offers motorized roll up doors with remote controls to reduce operator repetitive motions and speed each delivery with advanced open and post close while the operator is executing deliveries. Traditional swing out-doors cannot be easily automated would require multiple actuators to open both doors.

  • Pinch Point Safety

    Dynatect’s roll up doors feature slats that are 1-3/8” tall and closely coupled together which eliminates the pinch points of a traditional paneled roll up door. Roll up doors also eliminate the hinged pinch points of swing-out doors.

  • Impact Safety

    Swing-out doors create impact hazards in the presence of traffic, bicycles, pedestrians, street signs and trees. They create the additional challenge of forcing operators to walk around the door in the presence of these hazards.

  • Reduce Operator Strain

    Help reduce risk of injury and fatigue with convenient access doors that roll open. Dynatect’s spring roller technology includes calibrated tension that ergonomically balance the door for least effort opening and closing force. Each door also features a pull strap to accommodate closing while the operator is standing on the ground, regardless of truck height.

  • Improve Safety on Slopes

    Traditional “swing-out doors” can fight the operator when vehicle is parked on steep slopes. Under these conditions, gravity makes the doors less controllable when opening, or not staying open, depending on which direction of the vehicle is parked. In contrast, Dynatect’s roll up door changes the direction of door motion and is spring tensioned to provide consistent performance regardless of how vehicle is parked on a slope. The roll up door will not accidentally move in response to parking on steeply sloped streets.

  • Lightweight Materials for EV

    Dynatect’s aluminum slats are formed hollow core, with the industry’s thinnest walls resulting in the lowest weight-to-rigidity ratio. This reduced weight has the added benefit of providing more fuel efficiency and more reliable EV range.

  • Reduce Lighting Demand for EV

    Many delivery vehicles include translucent ceilings in the cargo area to minimize the need for electric lighting. When these vehicles are combined with traditional “garage doors” that run the length of the ceiling, electric lights are needed to compensate for the obscured sunlight. Dynatect’s compact door roller eliminates overhead interference, maximizing sunlight, minimizing the need for supplemental light. This reduced electrical usage has the added benefit of providing more reliable EV range.

  • Durability

    Life cycle tested to 250k open/close cycles with 20 years of field-proven weather resistance. Design eliminates metal-on-metal contact which reduces premature wear and supports longevity. Seals are made of Santoprene, which has a high resistance to UV’s and adjusts to both extreme cold and hot temperatures.

  • Comparing Door Styles for Delivery Vehicles & Cargo Vans

    Dynatect’s thin-slatted roll-up doors improve challenges posed by traditional delivery van door types Learn Why

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  • Dynatect is a vendor of delivery vehicle roll-up doors for high-volume automotive OEMs and body upfitters servicing last mile parcel delivery needs
  • Dynatect has a 75-year history of making robust industrial, construction, and fire/emergency solutions that enhance safety
  • Dynatect is the US market leader in quality roll-up doors for fleet vehicles – with 20 years of vehicle door experience and over 110,000 installations
  • Dynatect has been providing roll-up doors for utility vehicles, cargo vehicles, vans, step-vans, trucks, and enclosed trailers for over 20 years
  • Dynatect doors are designed, manufactured, and supported in North America

LATEST TECHNOLOGY − Dynatect is always offering customers leading edge technology. Dynatect invests in new product development including power locks, custom handles, motorized doors (powered roller shutters), remote controls, materials technology, and water-mitigation.

NATIONWIDE SUPPORT − Largest technical sales network (Find your Local Rep)

LIFETIME WARRANTY − For the spring-loaded take-up roller

Compare Door Styles for Delivery Vehicles and Cargo Vans

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