Gorplate Steel, Low-Profile Way Cover

Gorplate is ideal for protecting linear rails, ways and machine elements from hot chips and weld spatter. These covers have performed to one million cycles at up to 2G’s to ensure that they meet highspeed and high-cycle requirements. Gorplate covers consist of an innovative and cost-effective system of stainless steel plates and hinges that provide uniform expansion. Mild steel side rails and end plates are included

Ideal for use in applications with tight space restrictions, to protect equipment from from heavy chip loads and weld splatter.


  • Resists heavy chip loads and weld splatter
  • Tested for long life in high speed and high-cycle operation
  • Alternative to sliding plate systems that are prone to locking
  • Uniform plate expansion
  • Low profile design, approximately 1″ depth
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Excellent extended-to-retracted ratio