Key Benefits & Examples

  • Work Truck Door (Application)

    Dynatect supports both rear and side roll-up doors that speed equipment access.

  • Lubrication Truck Doors (Application)

    Gortite roll-up doors provide convenient access to reel cabinets and other compartments. To protect cargo, Dynatect's roll-up doors consist of slats with double-sided aluminum extrusions for tamper resistance. Roll-up doors can accommodate very wide openings.

  • Secure and Convenient Access to Storage (Benefit)

    For 20 years, Dynatect has provided over 110,000 vehicle roll-up doors for delivery vehicles, work trucks, trailers, semi trucks, and emergency vehicles.

  • Reduce Impact Hazards (Benefit)

    Swing out doors create impact hazards in the presence of traffic, bicycles, pedestrians, street signs, and trees. They create the additional challenge of forcing operators to walk around the door in the presence of these hazards. Pictured: Truck with aluminum roll-up door, truck-mounted sewer jetter.

  • Optimize Access (Benefit)

    Accommodating both rear and side roll-up door locations as well as bed cover doors: confidently create the access where it is needed.

  • Ideal for Delivery Vehicles

    Roll-up doors are an ideal upgrade from swing out doors or large panel doors with increased functionality and reduced weight. Options include door frames and beauty covers to create a finished aesthetic. Click here to see more Delivery Vehicle examples.

  • Premium Appearance (Benefit)

    Dynatect’s doors feature a smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish. Automotive-grade paint finish also available. Either finish complies with automotive grade UV stability and supports the addition of brand/logos with excellent decal adhesion. All exterior painting is warranted against corrosion, peeling, chipping, and flaking for 5 years.

  • Automation Available (Benefit)

    Dynatect offers motorized roll-up doors with remote controls to reduce operator repetitive motions and speed each delivery with advanced open and post close while the operator is executing deliveries. Traditional swing out doors cannot be easily automated because multiple actuators would be required to open both doors.

  • Roll-Up Door CAD Configurator

    Access Gortite® Roll-Up Door drawings and CAD 24/7 - Get early reference drawings and models in the CAD format that suits your needs, or use this configurator to initiate a new quote request using the “Request Quote” button after you make your selections.

  • Factory and Field Tested Durability

    For 20 years, Dynatect has provided over 110,000 vehicle roll-up doors for delivery vehicles, work trucks, trailers, semi-trucks, and emergency vehicles. Beyond the field proven performance, Dynatect doors and hardware are life cycle tested to 250,000 up-down cycles. Durable to maintain function at a static peak load of 68kg (150lb) and for a dynamic over check of 3m/s (10ft/s). Durable to remain intact with no deformation of door when open or closed at a velocity of 3m/s (10ft/sec). No metal on metal door design and premature wear.

  • Maximum Compartment Access

    Dynatect’s roll-up doors are ideal for lube trucks and tanker trucks and enclose the compartment protecting pumps, meters, registers, printers, and hoses from exposure to the elements. Unlike garage-panel doors, Dynatect’s thin slat roll-up doors scroll up into a compact roller to eliminate interference with suspended hose reels or other top-mounted infrastructure. Unlike swing out doors, the roll-up doors keep the operator closer to the truck and don’t interfere with mission-critical hoses. For easy access, the doors feature a lift-bar design ideal for operators who are wearing gloves. For security, they feature slats with tamper-resistant double-sided aluminum extrusions, and locking mechanisms.

  • Hinge Covers / Bellows (Application)

    Cover mechanical pinch points such as hinges with a rubber bellows cover. Pictured: A Dynatect molded rubber bellows creates a barrier over the bus door hinge.

  • Seat or Base Covers / Bellows (Application)

    Conceal mechanical pinch points such as interior seat bases and joysticks.

  • Refuse Trucks Cable Carrier (Application)

    As refuse pickup becomes more automated, so does the need for consistent cable and hose management. Gortrac Nylatrac TS series cable carriers feature heavy-duty bolted aluminum flat bars which are ideal for harsh-duty work trucks. The TS series is available with inside widths up to 13.6” and inner heights up to 2.2”. Dynatect has a 200’ cable carrier tester located outdoors and exposed to the same environmental conditions as applications just like this.

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