Industry Examples

  • Cable Carrier for Unit Load Formation Equipment

    Dynatect’s cable/hose carrier solutions are idea for load containment processes like palletizers, stretch wrappers, and strapping systems. Pictured is a Wulftec high-throughput automatic strapping machine featuring Dynatect’s plastic cable carrier cable carrier which supports high-speed, vertical mounting, durability, and is self-supporting.

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  • Bellows for Material Handling Lift Systems

    Dynatect’s bellows are ideal for automated positioning equipment – including heavy duty applications. Pictured here is a hydraulic lift used in a Northern Canada’s wet, cold outdoor environment servicing mining railroad cars. It is critical that the bellows (yellow and black) remain pliable and durable in this extreme application to protect operators from the lift mechanisms, while also protecting the mechanisms from dirt, debris, and foreign objects. Photo courtesy of Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd.

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  • Safety Barriers for Unit Load Formation Equipment

    Dynatect’s VF Doors are ideal for unit load formation equipment like palletizers, stretch wrappers, and strapping systems. These processes often present hazards to nearby personnel and need a physical barrier like the vertical fabric safety door - light curtains will not sufficiently contain the process. While manual gates or doors slow down an entire process, Dynatect’s automated doors move up to 44”/second so that product can be loaded/unloaded quickly, then be re-secured to keep the operator safe during an automated process. These photos show an pallet handling process ((by Xigent Automation Systems)) with an Automated Machine Safety Door installed at the entrance of the robotic cell where pallets are conveyed into the building for automated pallet destacking.

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  • Slip Clutches for Conveyors

    Polyclutch slip clutches offer an added level of safety and protection to both the machine and its operators. Pneumatic (Slip-Aire) clutches can have tension adjusted during operation.

  • Cable Carrier for Material Handling Applications

    Dynatect’s cable/hose carrier solutions are idea for transport equipment (conveyors, cranes, industrial trucks), positioning equipment (lift/tilt/turn-tables, hoists, balancers, manipulators, jack lifts, dock levelers, dock locks, jack lifts), unit load formation equipment (palletizers, stretch wrappers), and storage equipment (carousels, automatic storage/retrieval systems, delivery systems). Pictured here is a three-axis mast lift system featuring Dynatect’s modular cable carrier servicing both the horizontal and vertical axis. Dynatect’s Nylatrac cable carrier is ideal for applications where modular construction, snap-in plastic crossbars, and weight are critical. Photo courtesy of Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd.

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  • Bellows for Material Handling, Transport, & Positioning Equipment

    Cranes are a critical material handling application. Large crane rigs often feature hydraulic cylinders, which are required to operate with long service life between maintenance and inspection periods. The original bellows in this application were not lasting due to sagging. Dynatect was brought in to engineer a better bellows design which included stiffer neoprene nylon, a better extended to retracted ratio, and easier installation. Dynatect provided a durable sewn bellows designed to withstand outdoor conditions and heavy grease lubricant from within. The zipper feature is essential for installation and future access.

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End of Line Palletizing Systems

Are you designing end-of-line palletizing systems while anticipating more global harmonization of safety codes? Pallet wrapping machines benefit from guarding that permits intermittent access while separating workers and moving machinery with a physical barrier. Maintain productivity and safety with Dynatect’s Automated Machine Safety Doors!

Material Handling and Packaging Considerations

  • Safety Requirements for Industrial Robots, Robot Systems, & Integration (ISO 10218-1, ISO 10218-2)
  • Risk/Safety Performance Levels and Compliance (Ple/Cat-4, SILCL3 per EN62061 and EN/ISO 3849, ANSI B11.19 1990 E4., ISO 13849-1 Safety-Related Parts of Control System – SRP/CS)
  • Pinch Points (US OSHA standard number 1910.219)
  • Functionality (acceleration, speed, long travel, loading, watertight, aesthetics, ergonomics)
  • Personnel Hazard Protection (containing the manufacturing process):
    • Mechanical (noise, vibration, obstacle detection, physical separation, overload protection)
    • Electrical & Electrostatic (accidental discharge)
    • Maximizing Uptime (reduce impact from incidental operator interference entering dangerous work stations or cross traffic)
  • Safety Distances (ISO 13857 – preventing any breach in a machinery hazard zone for both lower and upper limbs)
  • Positioning of Safeguards and Barriers (ISO 13855 – minimum safe distances relative to approach speeds)

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