Application Examples

  • Aerial Work Platforms

    Dynatect is the worldwide leader in metal cable carrier for construction applications including Aerial Work Platforms (AWP). Dynatect has over 25 years of field-proven experience with reliable cable carrier specifically designed for construction equipment. Dynatect’s purpose-designed cable carriers: Meet tight bend radius requirements – Optimize camber to produce long unsupported spans – Offer standard and customer-specified cavity widths – Remain stable even at large heights where competitive offerings shake.

  • Urethane Track Pads for Asphalt Pavers

    Track pads are frequently bought for milling machines, excavators, cranes, dozers, pavers, curb-and-gutter machines, and trenchers. Abrasion-resistant track pads enable asphalt paving equipment to travel over existing pavement while minimizing damage to the pavement. Dynatect uses a patented urethane chemistry designed for its superior dry sliding abrasion resistance, high-traction, high-utilization, and longer-lasting performance. Due to the unique chemistry, Dynatect track pads outperform other track pads on the market.

  • Equipment Doors for Work Trucks

    Gortite roll-up doors allow safe, easy access on vehicle equipment compartments. To optimize access locations, Dynatect supports both rear roll up doors and side roll up doors that speed access and reduce interference. Vehicle designers can confidently create the access where it is needed. For brand enhancement, doors feature a smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish. Automotive-grade paint finish also available. Either finish complies with automotive grade UV stability and supports the addition of brand/logos with excellent decal adhesion. Click here to see more Work Truck examples.

  • Bellows for Cylinder Rods

    Bellows cover hydraulic cylinder rods to help seal out dirt and debris. Shown in this example are cylinder rods which could be covered by bellows to reduce contamination and improve uptime. Dynatect’s wide offering allows balancing extended/retracted ratios, durability, inner-diameter/outer-diameter ratios, exposure to lubricants, and bellows support guides.

  • Liftgard Bellows for Scissors Lift Guarding

    Dynatect’s Liftgard bellows provide essential protection against environmental elements such as dirt, debris, and foreign objects which could lead to wear and damage. A durable cover helps mitigate unintentional access to the moving parts that pose a safety risk to operators, which is especially important where people may be near the lift. Pictured here is a Liftgard bellows that encloses the scissors arms portion of tall scissor lift that extends to a 32-foot platform height.

  • Gortrac SX Series Carrier

    A paving screed is designed for paving wider roads and uses a Gortrac SX Series metal cable carrier. The cable carrier guides the hoses and cables as the machine extends or retracts to the required road width. This carrier features a self-cleaning link design expels debris from critical areas of the link during operation. For this cable carrier offering, Dynatect provides engineered designs with unlimited cavity width flexibility.

  • Equipment Compartment Door

    Gortite roll-up doors are shown installed on the back of a lubrication truck for convenient access to reel cabinet. To protect your cargo, Dynatect's roll-up doors feature slats with double-sided aluminum extrusions which are tamper resistant. Standard options include see through slats, door ajar switches, lift bars, handles, manual locks, power locks, drip rails, and sill plates. Dynatect doors can be engineered to accommodate very wide openings that maximize access.

  • Gortrac SRC Series Carrier

    Nested Gortrac SRC Series carriers protect and guide hoses on this horizontal directional drilling machine by Universal HDD™. The SRC and LRC series are Dynatect’s largest metal carriers – ideal for construction applications. These carriers feature a heavy duty design and can be constructed with many options including rollers, separators, and armor plating for harsh environments.

  • HDD Pipe Support Guides

    Dynatect offers superior wear components such as replaceable pipe guides for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) machines. Pipe guides are urethane parts that guide the drill pipe into the ground, and act as a buffer when the drill pipe spins to hold it in place. Dynatect’s pipe guides are specially formulated to increase uptime, extend service life, and maximize smooth gliding of pipes while minimizing shake and rattle.

  • Flexible Protection for Shock Absorbers

    Dynatect’s Gortiflex bellows are ideally suited for harsh applications like these mining truck shock absorbers. The durable material ensures the shaft is protected from any debris including water, ice, dust, dirt, and rocks. The bellows are made from an abrasion resistant fabric reinforced elastomer material that will consistently follow the shocks expansion and contraction over the full spectrum of outdoor temperatures. Dynatect’s unique seamless, continuous bellows eliminate the risk of separation at the convolutions maximizing durable life.

  • Cable Carriers for Boom Trucks

    Dynatect's Gortrac SC and MA Series metal cables carriers are all used on bucket trucks. The carriers protect the cable and diminishes the risk for those cables that are constantly twisting as it is in an extending boom. The cable carriers can be designed with the widest variety of cavity widths for any design. It utilizes proven extrude technology which allows for greater unsupported spans versus similar carriers. Peanut slots on the outside of the link which allow it to be “self-cleaning”. The carrier is light-weight and strong, with greater unsupported spans, and proven Gortrac extrude technology.

  • Impact Safety

    Swing-out doors create impact hazards in the presence of traffic, bicycles, pedestrians, street signs and trees. They create the additional challenge of forcing operators to walk around the door in the presence of these hazards. Roll-up doors are shown in the photo above.

Dynamic Protection for Construction & AWP

Dynamic protection improvements for these industries, and more:  electric utilities, telecommunications, wind energy, vegetation management, transport, municipal maintenance & repair, interior and exterior building maintenance, industrials, fire system maintenance, construction, building maintenance, aviation maintenance, retail / wholesale, warehouse, manufacturing, and mining.


  • Dynatect supports OEMs, service/utility/delivery vehicle body upfitters, fleet managers, and end users
  • Dynatect has a 75-year history of making robust industrial, construction, and fire/emergency solutions that enhance safety
  • Dynatect is the global leader in mission critical metal cable carrier for aerial work platforms (AWP) with 25 years of experience with over 140,000 SX-Series installations since 2008
  • Dynatect is the US market leader in mission critical metal cable carrier for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) with 25 years of experience with over 200,000 installations
  • Dynatect is the US market leader in roll-up doors for fire, utility, and construction vehicles with 20 years of experience and over 110,000 installations
  • Dynatect’s products are designed, manufactured, and supported in North America

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