• Aerial Work Platforms

    Dynatect is the worldwide leader in metal cable carrier for construction applications including Aerial Work Platforms (AWP). Dynatect has over 25 years of field-proven experience with cable carrier specifically designed for construction equipment. Dynatect’s purpose-designed cable carriers: Meet tight bend radius requirements – Optimize camber to produce long unsupported spans – Offer standard and customer-specified cavity widths – Carriers remain stable even at large heights and do not start to shake

  • Gortrac SX Series Carrier

    A paving screed designed for paving wider roads and surfaces uses a Gortrac SX Series carrier to guide the power cables as the slide track telescopes to the required width.

  • Gortrac SRC Series Carrier

    Nested Gortrac SRC Series carriers protect and guide hoses on this horizontal directional drilling machine by Universal HDD™.

  • Equipment Compartment Door

    Gortite roll-up doors installed on the back of a lube truck.

  • Equipment Compartment Door

    Gortite doors allow safe, easy access on side equipment compartments.

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