Safe Machine Door Actuator (SMDA)

Safe, Fast and Efficient Automation for Horizontal Machine Doors

Automating machine door operation is important for the protection of workers and expensive equipment. The SMDA line offers a complete end-to-end solution with a maintenance-free direct drive motor, a compact controller and intelligent operating software. The drive, which is based on proven technology for pedestrian passages, is fitted with a protective function that triggers an immediate change of direction if an obstacle is encountered.  SMDA ensures that the force and permissible kinetic energy are compliant with EN 12453, and EN 14120 is safely maintained.


Key Advantages:

  • Immediately changes direction when the door encounters an obstacle
  • Integrated safety: Safe force and speed limits for horizontal doors weighing up to 1,650 lbs (750 kg)
  • TÜV certified (N-13849-1 PLD) iMotion® technology for personnel access
  • Tested Safety: Compliant with EU Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Space-saving design and low voltage operation
  • Easy commissioning with SMDTuner Intelligent Operating Software
  • Maximize tact time with rapid opening and closing
  • Maintenance free

Typical areas of application:

Automating machine door operation can make your machines more efficient and easier to use, but they can also bear some risk. The system helps to minimize risk for operator and machine and prevent irreversible damage.

  • Machine tools (lathing, milling, grinding etc.)
  • Die casting machines
  • General production machines

Why Automate Horizontal Machine Doors?

The use of automatic door drives in modern machines has increased in recent years. The trend towards automating every possible machine function also includes opening and closing the doors of protective machine hoods. Loading and unloading machines represents a particular source of danger for both the operating personnel and expensive loading robots.

These protective machine door actuators include the technology for implementing a safe force and speed limit for horizontal doors with door weights up to 750 kg and more. This enables safe compliance with the approved forces without requiring additional safety elements such as light barriers or two-handed operation. The drive is fitted with a protective function which triggers an immediate change of direction to prevent irreversible damage if an obstacle is encountered.

The intelligent operating software – SMDTuner – assures efficient commissioning of the drive. Thanks to the integrated AutoTuning, there is virtually no need to perform settings during commissioning.  The system is powered by 115/230VAC, features galvanically isolated 24VDC I/O, and has an opto-isolated interface to the machine PLC.  The SMDA drives continue to offer valuable support for implementing safe and reliable automated protective doors.

Technical Data


Door Weight Up to 573 lbs (260 kg) 440 to approx. 1650 lbs
(200 to Approx. 750 kg)
Tensile Force 51.7 lbf (230 N) 89.9 lbf (400 N)
Traverse Path Unlimited Unlimited
Max. Traversing Speed 1.0 m/s 1.0 m/s


Motor Technology 16-Pole Permanent
Magnet Direct Drive
16-Pole Permanent
Magnet Direct Drive
Nominal Motor Torque 2.29 ft-lb (3.1 Nm) 3.98 ft-lb (5.4 Nm)
Motor Pulse Torque 4.425 ft-lb (6.0 Nm) 7.23 (9.8 Nm)
Nominal Speed at Nominal Torque 335 min-1 270 min-1
Overall Length L1 145.5 mm 169 mm
Installation Depth L2 113.5 mm 137 mm
Motor Weight 8.6 lb (3.9 kg) 11.68 lb (5.3 kg)
Mounting Position Any Any
Motor Voltage 17 VAC 22 VAC
Protection IP54 IP54


Continuous Current 8.5 A 10.0 A
Max. Power Consumption 190 W 310 W
Input Voltage 115/230 VAC 115/230 VAC
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Operation Ambient Temperature +50 to 104 °F
(+10 to +40 °C)
+50 to 104 °F
(+10 to +40 °C)
Relative Humidity 15 to 85 % 15 to 85 %
Protection IP20 IP20
Digital I/O 24 VDC 24 VDC


Connectors – (7) Galvanically Isolated Control Inputs
– (5) Galvanically Isolated Control Outputs
– (1) RS-232 Configuration Interface
– (1) Motor Power Connection
– (1) Motor Encoder Connection
– (1) 115/230 VAC Input Power Connection
Preconfigured Input Functions AUTO Mode, Open, Close
Freely Selectable Input Functions 2nd Travel Profile, Reduced Open, Reference Switch, External Sensors
Output Functions Door Referenced, Door Closed, Door Open, Error, Obstacle Detected
Housing Dimensions (H  x  B  x  T) 297  x  92  x  187 mm



  • STO – Safe Torque Off
  • SS1 – Safe Stop 1
  • SLS – Safe Limited Speed
  • SLT – Safe Limited Torque
  • Integrated obstacle detection with reverse mode
  • AutoTuning with door weight detection and automatic setting of the regulation parameters
  • Additional external sensors can be connected and configured if necessary


  • Compact, maintenance-free and gearless direct drive with integrated position sensor
  • Three variations available: with attached toothed belt wheel, spur wheel or with free shaft end
  • Easy connect power and transmitter connections, turnable 270 °
  • Protection class IP54 (EU)
  • 120 V (Single Phase); 230 V (Single Phase); 400 V (Three Phase)

  Motor with free shaft end         Motor with toothed belt wheel             Motor with spur wheel


  • Actuation via digital I/O
  • Programming via RS-232 interface
  • Can use USB to RS-232 converter

Control system:

  • Compact control system with integrated power supply unit, mains filter, motion controller, power driver, and galvanically isolated I/O
  • No external components such as sensors or brake resistors necessary
  • 7-segment status display
  • 12 LEDs for I/O state indication
  • Plug-in connections


Quick and Easy Operating Software: SMDTuner

With the user-friendly SMDTuner operating software, commissioning the protective door is quick and easy. This PC software is used to program the machine door actuator, start up the machine door actuator, query status values, and save the data so that data records already created can be archived for documentation purposes.

The software is easy to use and requires no special training. A wizard guides you through the sub menus in just a few steps. The software lets you individually optimize all SMDA drive types for various door configurations. This reduces costs during commissioning and maintenance.

Error History                             Scope Function                                Staus Query


  • Toothed belt, clamp
  • Idler pulley
  • Pre-dimensioned cables for motor and encoder in various lengths
  • RS-232 to USB interface converter (not sold by Dynatect but available in most consumer electronics store)

Toothed Belt


Pre-dimensioned Cables                                                    Idler Pulley


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