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Founded in 2007, Thodacon quickly established a well-known brand in machine tool protection by manufacturing state-of-the-art, high-quality way wipers. They have expanded production to include telescopic steel covers, XY covers, roll-up covers, pit covers, machine roof covers, bellows, metal cable carriers, and roll-up doors. In addition to manufacturing, Thodacon features in-house R&D and design, which provides Thodacon with maximum flexibility to develop, design, and manufacture with short lead times. Thodacon’s plants are in Wuxi, near Shanghai – servicing customers globally.

Thodacon locationsLocation:

Thodacon Machine Tool Protection Co., Ltd.
Lu-Ou Road No. 43, Hudai Industrial Park
Bin District, Wuxi 214161
Jiangsu Province, China

Tel: +86 510 8329 1518
Fax: +86 510 8320 1598
E-Mail: sales@thodacon.cn

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