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Founded in 2007, Thodacon quickly established a well-known brand in machine tool protection. Thodacon started manufacturing state of the art, high quality way wipers, and has expanded production to include telescopic steel covers, XY covers, rollup covers, pit covers, machine roof covers, bellows, metal cable carrier, and roll-up doors. In addition to manufacturing, Thodacon features all in-house R&D and design. This provides Thodacon with maximum flexibility to develop, design, and manufacture with short lead time. Thodacon’s plants are located in Wuxi, near Shanghai – servicing customers globally.

Thodacon locationsLocation:

Thodacon Machine Tool Protection Co., Ltd.
Lu-Ou Road No. 43, Hudai Industrial Park
Bin District, Wuxi 214161
Jiangsu Province, China

Tel: +86 510 8329 1518
Fax: +86 510 8320 1598
E-Mail: sales@thodacon.cn

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