XY Face Shield

Multi-axis face shield assemblies have been developed for machining centers or any application needing simultaneous, dynamic protection for each axis of movement. Typical industrial applications are vertical (side or wall) or horizontal (ceiling or floor). Cover options include metal roll-up covers, elastomer-coated belting, bellows, or sliding metal plates. Multiple roll-up covers or protective sliding plates cover the two main axis, while a ram wiper or bellows can be used for a third axis.


  • Speeds of 3,000 in/minute (76m/min) or more
  • Accelerations up to 1g or more
  • Wipers to clean debris and fluids from the surface of the shade (types: felt, UHMW, brush, polyurethane)
  • Supplied fully-assembled or in kit form with operating and maintenance instructions
  • Mounting per your application
  • Can be supplied painted to your specification

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