Gortiflex® Molded Bellows

Gortiflex molded bellows are constructed from a tube of elastomer with optional fabric reinforcement formed into a completely sealed cover. The standard shape is round but other shapes are possible with low-cost tooling. A zipper can be added for easy installation, internal guides can be added for bellows intended to protect spinning shafts/screws. Gortiflex is suitable for replacement, prototype, or OEM applications because you can order just one, or hundreds.


Features & Benefits:

  • Exceptionally durable molded cover
  • Neat appearance makes this cover ideal for aesthetic purposes
  • A zipper can be added for easy installation
  • Excellent extended-to-retracted ratio for a molded cover
  • No tooling fee for standard shapes (nominal tooling for special shapes)
  • Ideal for OEM use on both prototype models and new designs
  • Pressure compensating components can be added to withstand moderate internal or external pressure
  • Resists moisture, liquid or chemical spray, contaminants and dirt
  • Suitable for outdoor environments with exposure to moisture, ice, sand, oil, UV radiation, and temperature variations (hot or cold).

Typical Applications:

  • Rod/ball screw covers
  • Expansion joints
  • Piping penetration seals
  • Compressor and engine intake and exhaust manifold connections
  • Fan duct connections

Design Info

Shapes: Gortiflex is available as any enclosed bellow form (e.g. round, oval, rectangular with rounded corners, tapered)


  • Gorprene™ (Chloroprene), Goralon® (CSM), Nitrile, Butyl, Fluoroelastomer (FKM), EPDM and Silicone/Fiberglass
  • Fabric reinforcement options: nylon, para-aramid
  • Specialty materials for food-grade requirements, flame retardant (FR), temperature extremes, military spec.


  • Breather vents
  • Zipper
  • Internal guides
  • Internal or external wire reinforcements


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