17 Jul 2020

Celebrating 75 Years of Manufacturing In the USA


Dynatect’s American #manufacturing roots reach to the early 1940s when our founder started making basketballs and footballs. This was in response to a shortage of these recreational items for local youth while traditional manufacturers had been redeployed to wartime production. After the war, those same sewing of specialty fabrics were redeployed to industrial bellows for machine protection. One product at a time Dynatect kept responding to inquiries with “yes we can” now providing over 90 different types of products still made in the USA.

Since 2017, Dynatect has introduced 12 new products:

  • Automated Machine Safety Doors
  • Mobile Building Bellows
  • Urethane Track Pads
  • Rubber Rod Wipers
  • Urethane Pipe Guides
  • Service Loop Socks
  • Hybrid Long Travel Cable Carrier
  • Ball Screw End Cap
  • Articulating Roller System (ARS) Long Travel
  • Quick Trough Cable Carrier System
  • ChemTank Cover
  • Door Actuator Retrofit Kit
  • Laser Protection Roll-Up Doors
  • Water-Management Design for Truck Bed Cover
  • Fabric Face Masks
  • Polycarbonate Sanitary Barriers

75 years after our founding, in response to COVID, Dynatect again rose to the challenge of making products Americans are short of in a crisis. Dynatect pivoted our resources, expanding our definition of protection devices to include cloth face masks and plexiglass shields.

As Dynatect prepares for the next 75 years, we continue to focus on bringing reliable engineered solutions to complex and specialty applications. We accomplish this by listening to our customers, applying innovation, and building with craftsmanship. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you along the way.

Dynatect’s history can be found at the link: https://dynatect.com/about-us/#history