16 Jul 2018

New Hybrid Long Travel Cable Carrier Challenges Status Quo Solution of Guide Trough

Press Release

Dynatect introduces the Gortrac® Hybrid Carrier, a low-cost and high-performance solution to protect cables and hoses on moving equipment traveling over twenty feet. For the second time in 2018, Dynatect introduces a patented long travel design into an industry that has remained largely unchallenged by the status quo solution: a gliding plastic carrier in a guide trough. The Hybrid carrier is intended for applications including industrial cranes, gantry cranes, and robotic transfer lines with travels up to 100 feet. Dynatect has drawn on over 50 years of cable carrier experience to develop a solution offering the lowest total cost of ownership of any long travel carrier solution. The Hybrid solution eliminates up to 50% of the weight, and significantly improves safety factors in long travel applications.

The Hybrid Cable Carrier Solution offers the lowest total cost of ownership than any other long travel cable carrier solution.

Conversations with many customers across a diverse industry base has given Dynatect much insight into the common challenges with gliding carriers in guide troughs. Guide troughs need to be straight, presenting both an installation and maintenance challenge.  Carriers that glide on themselves are subject to wear since they can catch and drag on the sides of the trough, causing changes in tow force and link damage. Instead of adding lateral support, the hybrid carrier introduces steel band reinforcement to the link construction.  This eliminates the need for guide troughs and low mounts. By eliminating the low mount requirement, the Hybrid reduces the depot (storage) area and the length of cable carriers and cables.  Installing a Hybrid carrier averages only half the time of installing a guide trough. As an added benefit, link to link contact and associated wear is eliminated and tow force is substantially reduced.

The Hybrid Carrier allows systems to operate at greater accelerations than traditional gliding long travel solutions and achieve operating speeds of five feet per second. Up to 50% of the force required to push and pull the system is eliminated.

The new Gortrac Hybrid carrier solution is manufactured in Valparaiso, Indiana, has been tested through millions of cycles, and is supported nationwide through a network of over 60 technical field sales representatives. More information including a summary brochure, can be found here.