01 Apr 2022

Motion System Trends: Robotic 3D Printers


In Design World‘s special March Motion System Trends issue, Dynatect Manufacturing is featured on page 23 in its article that discusses trends in robotic 3D printers. Here is an excerpt:

“Some applications can not only call for new screw designs but also redesigns of support structures and other ancillary screw components such as bellows covers and cable carriers. For instance, take robotic 3D printing systems.

The motion and protection company Dynatect has seen a surge in demand for dynamic protection components used on 3D printers large enough to create full-scale cars or even homes. There are many new manufacturers in this space, with mechanical structures at unprecedented scale. Specifically in printing homes, these large-scale printers are referred to as “factory in the field”, given their portability from location to location. Beyond printing in concrete these “factories in the field” include cutting out of windows and doors, painting, and scanning for quality verification. To accomplish this, large-scale 3D printers merge the best features of printing, robotics, and machine tooling – combined  with being used outdoors like construction equipment… Read the article here (PDF-see page 2)”

Read the Full Issue Here on DesignWorld.com

In 3D printing applications where speed or weight is an offsetting factor, Dynatect provides plastic cable carrier in a wide variety of cavity sizes and mounting configurations. Dynatect also provides customized bellows to protect precision lifting columns (example shown above on the right), which are critical for repeated performance.

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