01 May 2019

Quick Trough™ System for Kit & Indoor Cranes

Press Release

NEW BERLIN, WI  – Dynatect introduces the Gortrac® Quick Trough™, a low-cost and high-performance solution designed to protect cables and hoses on kit and indoor cranes.

With tight spaces and frequent motion, the pneumatic hoses and power cables of kit cranes can present some technical challenges to effective cable and hose management. Typical solutions include crane reels, festoons, and a cable carrier paired with a guide trough, but varying disadvantages have included installation time, complexity, cost, weight, space requirements, and interference of hanging cables.

Dynatect’s Gortrac® Quick Trough™ challenges all these setbacks, resulting in saving up to 80% of installation time versus traditional guide trough systems. The modular Quick Trough™ system is designed for kit cranes, indoor cranes, and most standard crane girders and works well with stacked cranes.

Paired with a cable carrier, the Quick Trough offers an organized, sleek approach to cable management and eliminates free hanging cables, interference, and cable entanglement. Tight bends and pneumatic hoses are especially suited for this system, and storage space (depot) for retracted cables is minimal.

The Quick Trough system reduces cost, energy and complexity, eliminating the need for a separate motor to move the cables. In addition to saved installation time, it weighs less and costs less than standard guide trough/carrier systems. The Quick Trough pairs with plastic cable carriers, Nylatrac® Series TSC, KS, KL, NP, and KLE. Like standard Gortrac® guide troughs, the Quick Trough is designed to be used in center mount, offset or end mount carrier applications.

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