21 Nov 2022

Introducing Dynatect’s Powered Roll-Up Door for Vehicles


VALPARAISO, IN – Dynatect introduces a Powered Roll-Up Door for application on delivery vehicles, utility vehicles, or emergency vehicles. Dynatect’s powered doors have been developed to maximize safety, minimize interference issues, ensure security, and with flexible controls.

The Powered Roll-Up Door features three redundant modes of safe motion control to ensure consistent travel over varying conditions. This includes the ability to sense obstructions like cargo or people when closing and will reverse direction. Dynatect’s solution also includes a standard anti-pinch shield to cover where the motor cogs engage the door.

Dynatect’s solution is also compact – placing the motor inside the roller to minimize interference issues. The powered feature also places the automatic lock and open/close sensors in the header area – eliminating wiring down the leg of the door. There are also multiple places to mount the controller on the pennant plates.

What if the vehicle battery dies? Dynatect’s doors remain secure with an automatic lock which is engaged even if there is no power. If an operator is inside a delivery vehicle and needs to open the door, then the lock can be temporarily disengaged manually. If an authorized operator must open a compartment door without power from the outside, Dynatect offers an externally mounted keyed bypass option.

The Dynatect controller comes with a remote key FOB included. Additionally, the door can be controlled by installer-supplied hardwire switches which could be mounted at the door, the dash, or anywhere. The controller comes with standard automotive connectors for easy installation. High volume options include Bluetooth or automotive CAN communications.

The Powered Roll-Up Door is fast and reliable. It travels ~1 foot per second, has a high duty of 5 cycles per minute, is designed for automotive environments from -40⁰F to +140⁰F, and has been tested beyond 100,000 cycles. This advanced transportation product is manufactured in the USA and supported nationwide through a network of over 50 technical field sales representatives who can be found on the Dynatect website. More information including a summary brochure, can be found here.