04 Apr 2022

Replacement Telescopic Covers


Telescopic covers often need to be repaired or replaced. To simplify the process of replacing a cover, Dynatect has a quote request form to help you capture the key dimensions for the most common shapes and configurations of telescoping way covers.

→ Click here for PDF form

Telaflex® Telescopic Way Covers

There are 5 simple steps to getting a quote, and our form will walk you through each consideration:

  1. Describe the machine, direction of movement, and type of component the cover must protect
  2. Describe the operation environment as well as the travel speed and expected cycles per day
  3. Provide required retracted space and travel distance
  4. Provide key cover dimensions and shape, including mounting configuration
  5. Tell us about desired accessories or features to complete your cover

Dynatect also offers reliable repair of any brand of telescopic covers, including Dynatect’s Telaflex.  Dynatect can make and repair the most extreme telescopic covers including unit 64 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 17 continuous sections.