Custom Steel Drag Chains for Oil & Gas

Robust carbon and stainless steel, and polymer drag chains guide and protect cables and hoses in challenging environments  for both onshore and offshore oil and gas applications.

  • Stainless steel and salt-water resistant materials
  • Custom or standard components built to your specifications
  • Link heights to 48 inches
  • DROPS compliant components available
  • Available with top and/or side glide shoes for low wear and reduced friction in gliding operations
  • Available with rugged stainless steel channel cross bars or rounded aluminum flat bars to reduce cable wear
  • Designed and built in the USA

Drag Chain Applications


Our drag chains have been supplied in the following applications

• Pipe handling systems
• Pipe rackers
• Multi-purpose cranes
• Gantry cranes
• BOP handling equipment
• Grasshopper/walking skid travel system
• Top drive systems
• Catwalk systems


Custom Gortrac drag chain with low-friction glide shoes and bolted aluminum flat bars.
Dual locking-type link pins available for DROPS compliance.

Gortrac Model XP5


Custom Options

  • Construction: 304 or 316 stainless steel or zinc-dichromate plated steel
  • DROPS compliant dual locking pins and safety-tie wired cross bar fasteners
  • Bolted metal or molded plastic cavity separators
  • TIVAR glide blocks available for gliding applications
  • Custom mounting options, such as hose clamps or manifold brackets
  • Can be delivered complete with pre-loaded cables or hoses
  • Loaded carrier assembly can be packaged onto a shipping spool for ease of installation

Key Features

  • All steel sidebands with bolted aluminum crossbars for maximum box strength
  • All stainless steel construction available for offshore applications, including cross bars
  • Curve height is customer specified to suit optimal cable/hose bend radius
  • Link construction with pin and snap rings; or DROPS compliant dual locking pins
  • Cross bar fasteners can be safety-tie wired for DROPS compliance

Standard Design Specs

Note: Consult factory for available bend radii



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