Gorframe Wire Bellows

Gorframe bellows are used in applications involving lateral (shear) movement, washdown, clean room, or where materials must meet special requirements. Its rugged, flexible design uses internal wires to maintain the shape of the bellows.  Often use as a tilt/lift table cover, Gorframe is available in several configurations: a four-sided cover with rounded corners, three-sided “clamshell”-style cover, or a round-shaped cover.


Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to withstand a range of motion in a variety of directions, including lateral (shear) movement
  • Ideal for concealing operational mechanisms, as a lift/tilt table cover
  • Wide range of materials available, including specialty materials: some that meet UL burn standards or incorporate anti-microbial agents
  • Small retracted length allows cover to retract into a tight space

Typical Applications:

  • Enclosing the bases of lift tables, tilt tables or scissors lift mechanisms
  • Aesthetic cover for concealing operational components
  • Ideal for large enclosed-type cover applications
  • If a more sealed cover is required such as in a washdown application, covers can be manufactured without vents or zipper. In this case, customer should provide alternative cover venting.


  • Aluminized Fiberglass (high temperature, weld splatter, hot chips)
  • Aluminized Kevlar (high temperatures)
  • Ballistic Nylon (high durability against abrasion and tears)
  • Goralon/Polyester (chemical/UV/ozone resistance)
  • Neoprene/Nylon (oil resistance)
  • Neoprene/Polyester-FR (non-conductive, fire retardant)
  • Urethane/Preoxidized Kevlar (spark resistance, weld splatter resistance)
  • Urethane-Polyester (antimicrobial, fire retardant, grey & black color options)
  • Vinyl/Nylon (color options available)
  • Vinyl/Polyester (washdown environments)