Gortiseal Bellows

Gortiseal Bellows

Boots/Bellows Designed for Power Plants, Refineries & Chemical Plants

Gortiseal™ piping penetration seals are designed to provide a flexible and safe method of sealing process piping.

The primary applications for Gortiseal piping penetration seals are:

  • To maintain pressure differentials between rooms
  • To prevent water and air leakage through wall, floor, and roof openings

They have been effectively used in nuclear and conventional power plants, refineries, and chemical plants. Manufactured of durable, elastomer-coated fabrics, these seals allow lateral and axial movement of pipes up to several inches. Both bellows type and cone shaped seals have a zipper option that permits easy installation after piping has been installed. Zippered units have an air flap seal which overlaps the zipper and may be sealed with silicone for additional sealing. Non-zippered designs can be provided upon request.


  • Applications: nuclear and conventional power plants, refineries, chemical plants
  • Bellows and cone-type designs to allow lateral and axial movement
  • Zippered for easy installation
  • Custom made for any size pipe and sleeve size