High Temperature Bellows

High Temperature Bellows

Heavy-Duty Formed Bellows for High-Temperatures & Aggressive Environments

Robust, high-temperature bellows are characterized by a long service life and high tensile strength. Manufactured in Bielefeld, Germany, this style of bellows is designed for high temperatures and very aggressive operating conditions. Typical Applications: Industrial plants, automotive industry, printing industry, ball screw or piston rod cover.

Features & Benefits:

  • High temperature resistance to up to 900° C radiant heat
  • Resistance to acid and basic chemicals
  • UV/Ozone resistance
  • Extreme durability and tear strength
  • Optional PTFE coating to inside or outside of bellows

When requesting a quote, please specify environmental conditions and continuous temperature range as well as minimum/maximum temperature.  It is also important to specify the distance from the heat source.