Custom Passageway Bellows

For Connecting Mobile Buildings, Containers, or Modular Spaces


  • Classrooms, offices, training facilities, oil & gas camps, disaster relief, hospitals, hospitality
  • Enclose the gap between your modular spaces to create a mini-campus
  • Mobile building bellows result in fewer external doors.
  • Earthquake and Hurricane Disaster Recovery (connecting temporary housing and offices)




  • Safety: Protects occupants from rain, heat, wind, snow and stairs when transitioning between spaces
  • Energy Costs: Reduces losses in temperature- and humidity- controlled rooms
  • Cleanliness: Limits external environmental contaminants (surgical, food-prep, electronics)
  • Acoustics: Minimizes exposure to outside noise and frequency of door operations (construction, high-traffic)
  • Asset Reuse: Connects to existing structures with custom mounting designs and are re-usable

Key Features:

  • Construction: Made from a strong, lightweight aluminum re-enforced structure with durable CSM coated fabric
    • Translucent fabric available to allow ambient light
    • Structural floors available
  • Adaptability: Bellows adjust to typical multi-axis misalignment of modular spaces
  • Integrity: Re-enforced for environmental loading including rain/wind/snow
  • Durability: Capable of handling varying temperatures from -30˚F to 130˚F, and UV resistant
  • Customization: Variable cross sections, lengths, and mounting designs available
  • Portability: Engineered for compressed shipment, fast installation, and re-usability

Dynatect has over 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing covers to protect equipment and enhance safety.

Covers have been designed for use in any industry where a dynamic and flexible cover is needed to conceal and protect, without interfering with the equipment’s intended motion.

Application: Disaster Recovery

Earthquake and Hurricane Disaster Recovery

Dynatect helps connect temporary emergency housing and offices used after an earthquake or hurricane.  These passageway bellows are made using the technology/materials for connecting compartments of trains and buses.  These are re-enforced for environmental loading including wind/rain/wind/snow and designed for varying temperatures from -30˚F to 130˚F.  Ideal for disaster relief shelters where multiple two or more mobile buildings benefit from being connected for convenience, privacy, environmental control, sanitation, and acoustics.  For more details, contact Dynatect today at: 800-298-2066

We will work with you to design and manufacture passageway bellows for your application and ship anywhere in the USA or the world.