Traction Motor Boots

This design is specialized for the ventilation of traction motors on electric locomotives and railcars, serving as an integral part of the cooling air flow as a flexible connecting element between traction motor blower and drive motor. Constructed with seamless tubing in silicone-coated Meta-aramid fabric or other materials, wire reinforcements are fitted inside the convolution peaks. Product solutions for OEM and retrofitting have been optimized for European and North American customers.



  • Longer life and low maintenance – durable, abrasion-resistant and high-elasticity materials
  • Meet industry safety standards – materials available to meet regulatory compliance for flame, smoke, and toxicity (NFPA 130, EN45545)
  • Optimal design for your application – material and features matched to your specific requirements
  • Designed to maintain shape and airflow – integrated pressure compensating components
  • Accommodates difficult motion – designs for multi-axial/high-shear movement
  • Easy installation – customized mounting features
  • Air and water-tight constructions – integrated mounting seals

Flexible Ducting

More Flexible Transportation Ducting Applications:

  • Traction Motor Boots – component of the cooling system located between the traction motor blower and drive motor
  • Cable Ducting – barrier to protect critical cabling from exposure to liquids, dirt, debris, and UV
  • HVAC Ducting – component of the HVAC system ducting used to route airflow