Hose Bed Cover for Fire Trucks

Hose bed covers are retractable and walk-on rated. They are manufactured with Dynatect’s Steelflex metal cover (metal ribs bonded to steel surface) and paired with a scroll-type take-up system. A hose bed cover has advantages over a tarp cover: 1) they prevent fire hoses from falling out of the storage compartment, 2) A closed hose bed cover can be walked-on.

Key Features:

  • Prevent fire hoses from falling out of storage compartment
  • NFPA compliant walk-on surface/continuous corrosion resistant stainless steel, with a non-skid paint surface
  • Reinforced with aluminum extrusions to support 250 lbs. per 24” section
  • Easy to open/close
  • Low profile
  • Fire hose bed covers roll up manually within a scroll take-up; no spring-loaded roller or motorized drive required

How to Order

Gortite Hose Bed Cover RFQ PDF form

To order, please provide the opening length and width. See the space requirements chart below for minimum required space for the take-up area (Depth – D and Height – H).

Space Requirements

(L) Length(D) Depth(H) Height
Up to 86.0”13.75”14.5”
86.01” – 109.0”14.875”16.0”
109.01” – 132.0”16.25”17.25”
132.01” – 155.0”17.75”18.75”
155.01” – 178.0”19.5”18.5”
178.01” – 201.0”21.0”20.25”
201.01” – 224.0”22.5”21.5”