Fabric Shade Roller

Light-Duty Industrial Roll-Up Covers for Machine Guarding

Dynatect shade rollers (also known as “vertiflex” covers) are custom-made protective roll-up covers for machine guarding, consisting of coated or uncoated textile material attached to an industrial spring roller. Metal housing can be added to protect the roll-up mechanism. Shade rollers are a simple and cost-effective solution for involuntary contact with machine components and protection against UV light or occasional liquid and debris.

Dynatect shade rollers are ideal for applications where:

  • there is little room for other protective cover options,
  • simple mounting and retrofitting are required,
  • cost and delivery time are important factors,
  • high speed and acceleration are needed,
  • the complete seal of a bellows is not required

Design Info

Typical Usage:

  • A barrier for involuntary contact with machine components
  • Equipment protection from contaminants such as liquid, light chip loads, dust and other particulate
  • UV protection


  • Shade rollers are available with mounting brackets, or with a protective canister with mounting surface in desired orientation.
  • Optional brush or scraper to clean the shade as it retracts to protect the roll-up hardware.
  • Channels are available to guide the shade as well as minimize the amount of contamination getting past the shade
  • The end of the shade is fixed to the machine with customer’s choice of bracket configuration.
  • Wide variety of standard and specialty materials available to suit the application. (see list below)
  • Standard and specialty spring roller designs to handle high speeds

Common Materials:

  • Aluminized Fiberglass
  • Aluminized Para-Aramid
  • Butyl/Nylon
  • Chloroprene (aka Neoprene) /Nylon
  • Food grade and other specialty materials
  • Goralon (CSM)/Polyester
  • Goralon® (CSM)/Nylon
  • Nitrile/Nylon
  • Polyurethane coated Polyester (single coated)
  • Polyurethane-ester coated Polyester
  • Polyurethane-Ester-Laminated Polyester Fabric
  • PTFE Film (no fabric)
  • PTFE/Fiberglass
  • PTFE/Para-Aramid
  • Silicone/Fiberglass
  • Vinyl (PVC)/Polyester

Typical shade roller dimensions:

Mounting Direction

Reference the following diagrams to choose cover orientation, and indicate direction of contaminant to shade surface.

Canister Options

Horizontal canister mounting examples shown.  If vertical or crossrail mounting, adjust canister style based on orientation.


Do you have a roll-up cover that needs to be replaced? Repair might be an option. In many cases, the take-up hardware is fine and the shade can be replaced. Visit our way cover repair page to learn more.

Example Repair – Before:

shade roll-up cover repair service

Example Repair – After:

shade roll-up cover repair service

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