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Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door

Click the button below to Download the Product Guide which contains important installation, operation, and preventive maintenance guidelines.

Motor Phasing & Testing Video

Ensuring Power to Sensors | VF Door Quick Install Tips

Verifying Feet and Legs are Square & Plumb | VF Door Quick Install Tips

Inserting Fabric Shade Into Leg | VF Door Quick Install Tips



Adding the Door Hard Stops | VF Door Quick Install Tips

The AMSD-VF door comes with a field installed Hard Stop Kit (PN0343394-327). This Hard Stop is designed for to reduce/eliminate damage to components if commissioning instructions are not strictly followed.

Adjusting Travel End Sensor Position | VF Door Quick Install Tips

Although the travel-end sensors do not typically require any field modification, follow this procedure if adjustments are needed (while also referring to the relevant section in the AMSD Product Guide)

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