Ball Screw Lubrication and Handling Tips

Prior to receiving your new or repaired ball screw:

  • The unit was flushed and cleaned with a light lubricant to remove any debris
  • The nut was lubricated with Mobil Vactra Oil No. 4
  • The entire unit was coated in a light spindle oil to prevent rust
  • It was placed in a rust inhibiting plastic bag

Storage and handling tips for your new ball screw:

  • Be sure to store your ball screw in a completely vertical position or horizontally on v-blocks to prevent bending
  • Rotate the nut on the screw periodically to prevent the balls from developing flat spots
  • Store in a temperature stable environment free of vibration
  • If stored for longer than 6 months before installation, clean ball screw with light lubricant to remove any gummy residue

Ball screw lubrication tips:

  • Lack of lubrication will reduce the life and performance
  • The best lubrication is light oil applied directly into the ball nut at various locations along the length of the screw
  • We recommend light spindle oil or light way lube
  • The screw should always have a thin film of oil present, the screw should never be dry to the touch
  • We recommend lubricating with oil instead of grease, as grease retains contaminants, and can lead to premature wear
  • If lubricating ball screw with grease it is recommended that a way cover or bellow is installed to protect from debris
  • Also if lubricating with grease, it is not recommended to completely fill the ball nut cavity and should not exceed more than 65% full, as this can exert pressure on the wipers and ball returns.
  • Lubrication intervals are dependent on application and environment; recommendations can be made, but should be monitored after installation of the ball screw assembly
  • Spray lubricants and paraffin based coolants are not recommended as they can increase build-up, increase possibility of rust, and retain contaminants

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