Rod Wipers for HDD

Wipers for HDD/Horizontal Drilling Machines

Dynatect’s rubber rod wipers maximize smooth feeding of pipes by keeping your machine clean from borehole debris and provide a tight fit around rods/castings. They wipe water, mud, and soil from external rod surfaces and are field-proven and engineered specifically for rugged conditions in extreme temperatures.

Key Advantages:

  • Increase up-time with longer service life: resists rapid deterioration under temperature extremes from -40° F to 120° F
  • Precisely compounded to ensure repeatable part performance
  • Proprietary molding process results in a finished product with excellent quality and consistency

Reinforced Wiper Style

Reinforced style has embedded steel ring. More sizes available upon request.

Reinforced Rod Wiper – 9″ O.D.

Inner DiameterTypical Drill Rod DiameterPart No.
1.06” ID0.875-1.1”PN0376991
1.38” ID2.06”PN0376992

Standard Split Rod Style

Split wiper can be installed without rod removal. More sizes available upon request.

Standard Split Rod Wiper – 9” O.D.

Inner DiameterTypical Drill Rod DiameterPart No.
1” I.D.1.1”PN0376982
1.25” I.D.1.37-1.66”PN0376983
1.5” I.D.1.82”PN0376984
1.75” I.D.2.06-2.38”PN0376985
2.125” I.D.2.38”PN0376986
2.375” I.D.2.875”PN0376988

Standard Split Rod Wiper – 13.5” O.D.

Inner DiameterTypical Drill Rod DiameterPart No.
2.5” ID3.06”PN0376989
3.25” ID3.06”PN0376990

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