Rubber Rod Wipers

Durable Wear Components for HDD/Horizontal Drilling Machines

Increase uptime and service life with Dynatect’s superior wear components. Dynatect’s rod wipers maximize smooth feeding of pipes by keeping your machine clean from borehole debris and provide a tight fit around rods/castings. They wipe water, mud, and soil from external rod surfaces and are field proven and engineered specifically for rugged conditions in extreme temperatures.

Key Advantages:

  • Longer Life: resists rapid deterioration under temperature extremes from -40° F to 120° F
  • Precisely compounded to ensure repeatable part performance
  • Proprietary molding process results in a finished product with excellent quality and consistency

Reinforced Wiper Style

Reinforced style has embedded steel ring. More sizes available upon request.

Reinforced Rod Wiper – 9″ O.D.

Inner DiameterTypical Drill Rod DiameterPart No.
1.06” ID0.875-1.1”PN0376991
1.38” ID2.06”PN0376992

Standard Split Rod Style

Split wiper can be installed without rod removal. More sizes available upon request.

Standard Split Rod Wiper – 9” O.D.

Inner DiameterTypical Drill Rod DiameterPart No.
1” I.D.1.1”PN0376982
1.25” I.D.1.37-1.66”PN0376983
1.5” I.D.1.82”PN0376984
1.75” I.D.2.06-2.38”PN0376985
2.125” I.D.2.38”PN0376986
2.375” I.D.2.875”PN0376988

Standard Split Rod Wiper – 13.5” O.D.

Inner DiameterTypical Drill Rod DiameterPart No.
2.5” ID3.06”PN0376989
3.25” ID3.06”PN0376990

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